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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Radiators

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Radiators

Eco-friendly radiators, perfect for warming your home and reducing your carbon footprint, help you do your bit to curb global warming. Of course, homes can be expensive to heat, making energy-efficient heating solutions more important than ever before.

In this guide, we'll discuss the features and benefits of the eco-friendly radiators we provide to help you warm your home, save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Make Sure Your Home Is Insulated

To improve the efficiency of your central heating radiators, it’s essential that your home doesn't work against your heating efforts. 

A properly insulated home not only means added warmth in the colder months but also keeps your living spaces cool in the summer. As well as year-round comfort, ensuring your home is well insulated means your radiators have to use far less energy just to maintain the level of heat you’re after - an eco-friendly measure in itself.

But what are the best methods for keeping your home insulated? We go over retaining heat in our blog How to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home.

Invest in Modern Electric Radiators

Modern electric heating refers to any system that uses electrical energy to heat a space. Our eco-friendly electric radiators operate at 100% efficiency as every single watt of electricity is converted into heat, making them especially useful when reducing your energy costs and environmental impact.

Older radiators might not be 100% efficient but provided your room has adequate insulation, making a change to modern electric radiators can allow you to heat a room faster thanks to that maximised efficiency.

If your room reaches the perfect temperature faster than it used to you can save money on your energy bills because it means you can turn off your central heating sooner than you once did.

As discussed by the Energy Saving Trust, one of the biggest positive impacts you can have on your carbon footprint is investing in energy-efficient products. 

While adopting these changes can pose an initial added cost, you can stand to make long-term savings thanks to improved technology, more modern, and reliable materials that require less maintenance and running costs. 

Consider Making the Switch to Modern Aluminium Radiators

It’s also worth noting that aluminium radiators provided by UK Radiators are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than older steel or iron radiators.

An example of our modern aluminium radiators is our selection of column radiators - these offer a stylish appearance and a large surface area that can extend either vertically or horizontally, making them versatile for differently shaped wall spaces.

This extra surface area provides maximum heat output and speeds up the heating time when they are turned on. Heating your home more quickly contributes towards efficiency and eco-friendliness - in our blog about radiator efficiency and heating costs, we cover this in more detail. 

Provided the house is well insulated, you can achieve the desired temperature faster and focus on retaining it.

Dual-Fuel Radiators

Our dual-fuel radiators are another intelligent heating option that will adapt to all four seasons.

While connected to the central heating, our dual-fuel towel radiators can function as a towel heater during warmer months (when heating is left off most of the time) thanks to an internal heating element. 

These radiators function as bathroom radiators during the winter months and towel heaters for the rest of the year.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves - Intelligent Heating Technology

Thermostatic radiator valves will give you enhanced temperature control. These radiator valves automatically open and close by sensing what the temperature of the room is already like. This adaptable heating system also gives you the benefits of lower energy bills and higher efficiency.

Make Your Heating More Eco-Friendly with Smart Heating Controls from UK Radiators

At UK Radiators, our smart heating controls offer remote control and monitoring capabilities through smartphones or other devices to improve how eco-friendly your radiators are.

Features of Smart Heating Controls

  • WiFi Connectivity: Convenient remote control and monitoring by connecting your heating system to your smartphone or other smart devices.
  • Programmable Thermostat: Set your heating preferences with a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set temperature schedules and create custom heating plans tailored to you, ensuring energy is being used exactly when you need it.
  • Energy Monitoring: Built-in energy monitoring features to help you identify opportunities for energy savings and to reduce your bills.
  • Multiple Heating Zones: Fine-tune the temperature controls in different rooms in your living space, ensuring energy is being used exactly where you need it.

Bleed Your Radiators for Maximum Performance and Minimised Heat Waste

As we discuss in our blog How to Bleed a Radiator, it’s essential to make a habit of bleeding your radiators. So much so, it should be part of your regular maintenance routine, especially before the colder months. 

Regularly bleeding your radiators plays a huge role in ensuring efficient heat distribution throughout your living space. By releasing trapped air within the system, this maintenance task allows hot water to circulate freely, reaching every section of the radiator.

This helps to maintain efficient heat distribution, which actively contributes to the reduction of heat waste. Overall, you see a reduction in energy costs. 

Let UK Radiators Help You Become More Eco-Friendly at Home

UK Radiators can help you to improve how eco-friendly your central heating radiators are. That way, you can stay comfortable year round while doing your bit to curb climate change, reduce your carbon footprint, minimise heat waste and reduce your energy costs.

If you need any guidance on our radiator products like help with placement, maintenance, and more, give us a call on 0333 006 8227 or send your enquiry to mailto:sales@ukradiators.com and we'll be in touch to help you.

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