Innovating Radiators for a Sustainable Future

🌎 Our goal is to help you maximise your home heating’s energy efficiency 
🌳 We plant a tree for every radiator sold - 100,000 flourishing saplings and counting

We’re passionate about finding the perfect blend of style and energy efficiency, offering a wide range of radiators that not only transform the look of your home but also minimise environmental impact.

We understand that today's homeowners are seeking innovative solutions that allow them to redefine their heating systems while embracing sustainability.

With our commitment to both design and eco-friendliness, here’s how we’re paving the way for a greener and more stylish approach to heating.

Maximising Energy Efficiency With Our New BTU Calculator, Radsizer®

RADSIZER®, our brand new BTU calculator, revolutionises the concept of energy efficiency by going beyond the conventional calculator capabilities. It not only accurately calculates heat loss and determines the optimal room temperature, but also utilises a cutting-edge algorithm that considers a range of crucial factors.

What sets RADSIZER® apart is its ability to consider your specific preferences, including cost savings, carbon footprint reduction, comfort, health concerns, and style preferences.

With valuable insights, it enables you to select the ideal radiator size that matches your room's energy requirements in watts. This not only saves money on heating bills but also reduces long-term fuel consumption.

By prioritising energy efficiency, RADSIZER® provides sustainable heating solutions for your home.

Working With Ecologi on Our Sustainability Goals

An image of a person in the background watering plants

We’re proud to be working with Ecologi to promote eco-conscious homes through our exquisite collection of designer radiators.

Ecologi is a platform dedicated to real climate action, focusing on global tree-planting initiatives. With a mission to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and to responsibly plant billions of trees annually, we’re joining forces to align our sustainability values.

Our UK Radiators Reforestation Initiative

We're beyond thrilled to share that we've funded the planting of a whopping 100,000 brand-new trees through Ecologi! For every radiator sold through our website, we're giving back to the environment by planting trees.

You can keep up to date with our progress on our sustainability goals and how your purchase supports this initiative by checking out our Ecologi profile.

Collaborating with Ethy to Achieve Our Objectives

We’ve joined forces with Ethy, a platform that simplifies and makes sustainability communication more accessible for brands. By leveraging Ethy's innovative solutions, we’re showcasing our verified sustainability achievements against transparent SDG-centred standards.

Through our collaboration, we’re demonstrating our contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and empowering our customers to make informed and sustainable choices. By signposting our sustainable actions transparently, we aim to build trust with our customers.

Becoming Industry Champions

We’re at the forefront of becoming an industry champion by actively engaging in projects and initiatives with standard commercial objectives. Our commitment extends beyond products, services, and activities as we strive to enhance our industry.

By focusing on initiatives that drive positive change and go beyond direct commercial gains, we’re passionate about being dedicated to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Striving for Carbon Neutral

We’re dedicating ourselves to obtaining the goal of becoming carbon neutral. By gaining a clear understanding of our environmental impact, we’re aiming to strategise and implement carbon offsetting initiatives.

Through these efforts, we’re committed to achieving net-zero emissions, effectively neutralising the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

Ensuring Product Efficiency with Verification

We’re taking strides to ensure the efficiency of our products through a verification process with Ethy. This initiative aims to verify the product efficiency of our offerings, providing customers with transparent and reliable information.

With thorough testing and comprehensive test reports in place, we’re committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of efficiency.

By working hand in hand with Ethy, we’re taking a proactive approach to providing customers with verified and trustworthy information about the efficiency of our products.

Driving Towards Energy Efficiency

We’re committed to achieving energy efficiency across our operations and facilities. Through careful planning and implementation, we’re taking steps to reduce energy consumption throughout our premises.

We’re working towards ensuring our work location holds a valid Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with ratings of 'B' or above. These high-grade ratings reflect the brand's dedication to maintaining a high level of energy efficiency in our operations.

By prioritising energy conservation and sustainable practices, we’re hoping to reduce our environmental impact and foster a more energy-efficient future.

Pioneering Recyclable Packaging Solutions for a Sustainable Future

We’re dedicated to improving the recyclability of our packaging. With over 75% of our primary and secondary product packaging being recyclable through standard kerbside collection or certified as home compostable, we’re actively working towards sustainability.

Our Mission

At UK Radiators, we’re aware that our journey towards environmental responsibility is just beginning, and we embrace the opportunity to grow along the way.

As part of our commitment, we’re actively reviewing and revising our pledge to achieve carbon neutrality.

Central to our plans is a strong emphasis on carbon offsetting, as well as a thorough examination of our products, materials, and processes to identify opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint.

By focusing on sustainability at every stage of our operations, we aim to not only deliver exceptional radiators but ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.