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Radiator wall stays

Looking for an alternative to the standard radiator wall brackets? Check out our radiator wall stays instead! When paired with radiator feet, wall stays make an excellent addition to your column radiators. They’re stylish and functional and keep your radiator secure on the wall. Made from brass, these wall stays are sturdy and secure, and offer a stylish detail to your radiators.

Why choose radiator wall stays?

When considering column radiator wall stays, you’ll need to pair them with radiator feet. There are two reasons for this:

  • Column radiators are often very heavy and therefore require additional support to protect the walls and radiator from damage over time.
  • If your radiator is installed on feet, the wall stays prevent it from moving or shifting which can cause damage to the pipes and valves and will prevent ruptures or leaks.

So, wall stays keep the radiator pinned to the wall when it is mounted on feet as well as adding extra support and helping to redistribute the weight.

We’d recommend using at least two wall stays per radiator for symmetry and security. However, if your radiator has more than 20 sections, we’d recommend installing a third for extra stability. One of the aspects that makes radiator wall stays so convenient is the ability to cut them down to size to suit radiators with a small projection. This helps keep the metal rod from sticking out into the room and keeps them looking tidy.

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