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Curved ladder rails

When it comes to getting heated towel rails for your bathroom, curved towel radiators are one of the most trusted and common styles you can find. They keep your towels separated so they can dry and stay toasty warm, ready to wrap yourself up in after a shower. But the ones we offer here at UK Radiators aren’t just the bog-standard!

What makes UK Radiators' curved heated towel rails the best?

Our range of curved towel radiators offer you plenty of different styles and heat outputs depending on your needs. Curved towel radiators are a great choice if you like big fluffy towels (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) as they offer more space between the radiator and the wall - enabling easy hanging and great air circulation for better drying times.

Choose between Steel and Stainless Steel - both of which offer their own benefits and efficiency levels (find out more on our Ultimate Guide to Radiator Materials) and decide whether you want your towel rail to be connected to your central heating, be electric to work independently, or be a mixture of both through dual fuel functionality. If you decide to go for electric or dual fuel, you will have 3 different control types to choose from - smartphone/WIFI, programmable, or simple on/off control.

With a large range of different sizes and dimensions including different projections, you can find the perfect curved heated towel rail to fit your bathroom no matter the size. Once you’ve decided on the dimensions you need, you can browse through a variety of colours to match any decor theme such as chrome, black, white, anthracite, and stainless steel!

With our range of trusted brands and manufacturers on offer, you can keep your towels warm and dry all year long. For even more choices, browse through our full range of bathroom radiators and take a look at our other options available such as ladder-heated towel rails and straight-heated towel rails.