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Anthracite bathroom radiators

There’s nothing better than getting out of the shower and into a toasty bathroom, so eliminate the need for mad dashes down cold corridors with an anthracite bathroom radiator. This stylish shade of dark grey is the perfect complementary colour for any decor theme and suits just about any style of home. Choose between a range of options to ensure your anthracite towel radiator is perfect for your needs.

How to choose the perfect anthracite bathroom radiator

No matter what you need from your anthracite towel radiator, you can find one to suit you from UK Radiators.

Choose between a variety of sizes including length, height, and projection to fit your space perfectly. From 600mm up to 1800mm, there’s a radiator to fit into any space, no matter how awkward. Make sure no detail goes unnoticed by choosing between a variety of different tube shapes such as elliptical, flat, round, and much more. There are many different designer options to choose from and some of our anthracite towel radiators are open ended and reversible which means you can hang the radiator on the wall with the open ended bars facing the left or the right.

Finally, consider the material that would suit you the best. Anthracite radiators are available in ether steel or aluminium, each with its own benefits depending on your needs. Check out our ultimate guide to radiator materials for more information. Choose the heat source that best suits your needs: hot water to connect with your central heating system, electric only to work independently from the rest of your heating, or a bit of both - dual fuel. If you decide to go for electric or dual fuel, you will have 3 different control types to choose from - smartphone/wifi, programmable, or simple on/off control.

For more options, including ones in chrome, silver, and grey, check out our full range of bathroom radiators.