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Single panel radiators

If you’re looking for a radiator to heat a smaller space, then a single panel radiator is just what you need. These affordable, efficient, and reliable radiators are perfect for heating any area of the home, from hallways to pantries and bedrooms.

Each single panel radiator in our collection has been hand-picked for quality, reliability, and value for money, and with industry-leading guarantees. So, you can trust you’re only choosing from the best at UK Radiators.

Style and performance come together

With a single panel radiator, you don’t need to compromise when it comes to style and heat output. Our collection of central heating radiators offers you a range of different designs, all of which provide impressive heat outputs in a variety of sizes. So, whatever your heating needs, there’s a panel radiator for you.

If you’re after a sleek, modern look then the flat panel styles of Kartell’s K-flat Premium range would complement any space. For those wanting a more traditional white panel radiator, then the classic Type 11 radiator gives you exactly what you’re looking for, no fuss and no frills.

Our range of single panel radiators from heating giants Stelrad and Kartell UK offers a range of different options, so that you can choose the right radiator for your home. We’ve covered a whole range of sizes, designs, and heat outputs, you needn’t look anywhere else when it comes to single panel radiators.

How single panel radiators work

In a panel radiator, the hot water fills a small tube at the base of the appliance. This tube is surrounded by aluminium fins that act as a heat exchanger, increasing the surface area of contact with the ambient air, thus heating up your radiator and whatever space it is in.

Do I need a single or double panel radiator?

The answer to this question depends on your heating needs. Put simply, the more power you need in your radiator, the more panels it needs. If you need a powerful heater for a large space, then a double panel radiator is the best option, whereas single panel radiators are a more budget-friendly choice suitable for smaller spaces.

Double Panel Radiator FAQs