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Mini Radiators for Small Spaces

If you’re working with an awkward or tight space, you’re probably looking for the shortest, slimmest, or smallest radiator you can find! Fear not, even some of the smallest radiators in our range boast impressive heat output.

Mini radiators can be a brilliant option for a bathroom, office, or corridor. Even if you’re working with ample space, you could consider dotting small radiators around a room to achieve an even temperature.

At UK Radiators, we have small and lightweight options in every style. Whether you’re after a slender black towel rail, a small white column radiator, or a petite electric model in an alternative colour, you’ll find it here.

A Short Radiator Can Pack a Punch

We only stock mini radiators that provide efficient heating for even the coldest winter months. Whether you opt for a short or slim small radiator, you can look forward to a cosy atmosphere without a high energy spend.

Are Small Radiators Right for Your Home?

If you’re not sure which size of radiator is the best option for your home, take a look at our new BTU calculator, RADSIZER®.

Taking into account various details about your space and central heating system, Radsizer will help you decide on the best products to meet your heat output requirements.

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Get your order in by 2pm for next-day delivery on UK Radiators products. More good news: delivery is FREE for all our UK mainland customers.

Explore our range of compact radiators in vertical and horizontal designs below. Find the perfect mini radiator for your home today and we’ll get it in the post!

Mini Radiators FAQs

Small radiators can serve as the primary heat source in smaller spaces like home offices, bathrooms, or walk-in closets. For larger rooms and open-plan spaces, you will likely need a bigger radiator with a higher heat output.

​​Mini radiators are just as energy-efficient as larger radiators, as long as the size of the radiator and its heat output is right for the room and its heat loss. Avoid taking up extra space with an oversized radiator and find an option that suits the specific area. Take a look at our range and don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions.