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Electric heating

Modern electric heating systems are the perfect heating solution for those of you who want individual control over your home’s heating. Operating independently of your home’s central heating system, our range of electric radiators, heaters and towel rails put the power in your hands.

What is electric heating?

Electric heating refers to any system that uses electrical energy to heat a space. They operate at 100% efficiency as every single watt of electricity is converted into heat.

What are the benefits of electric heating?

Choosing an electric radiator is the perfect option for rooms that aren’t connected to the central heating or for those who want to keep using their towel rail during the summer without relying on the central heating system.

Electric-only only radiators and towel rails are exactly as they sound and work entirely independently from any other heating source in your home. Regardless of your needs, you’ll find a radiator to fit your space. We stock both horizontal electric radiators and vertical electric radiators, in a variety of different colours such as white, black, and copper, so no matter your requirements, we have something to suit your home.

If you’re after a sleek heating system to match your home decor, our modern electric radiators offer exceptional style and performance. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, an electric towel rail is somewhere warm to store and dry your towels. Browse our full range to find the perfect radiator or towel rail for your home. Looking for the best of both central heating and electric? Why not check out our dual fuel selection?

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Electric Heating System FAQs

Yes, electric radiators and towel rails are 100% efficient. However, the overall energy efficiency of your home depends on factors such as insulation, property age and other heating systems in place.

Electric heating systems are very easy to install compared to traditional central heating systems that require more extensive plumbing and pipework. They are standalone units that can be mounted on walls or freestanding.

Yes, electric heating systems can typically be controlled individually. Many models come with built-in thermostats or programmable timers, allowing you to set specific temperatures or heating schedules for each radiator or towel rail. This individual control helps optimize comfort and energy usage.