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Vertical designer radiators

When you’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into redecorating your home, the last thing you want is for your radiators to let you down. So, get rid of your old, ugly radiators and replace them with a set of designer vertical radiators instead.

Here at UK Radiators, we have an amazing range of tall vertical designer radiators to suit any home. From modern to period properties and everything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for at an amazing price. And the best part? They’re available in a total of 14 different colours from classic white, moody black, and even less common palettes such as red and copper.

Stylishly Tall Radiators

Vertical radiators are the perfect addition to your home to help maximise space and make the most of every awkward corner. Our tall vertical radiators can be installed in all kinds of different places and are not just limited to beneath windows.

Multiple Styles, Colours, Finishes and Types

Available in just as many colours, finishes, and materials as their horizontal counterparts, you can choose between 14 different colours and 9 different finishes. You can even choose from classic white and anthracite grey to some more unusual options such as red, salt & pepper, or copper.

You can also choose between double or single panels and whether they are made from stainless steel, aluminium, glass, or steel. Whatever you need to keep your home warm, don’t limit yourself to the horizontal, look up to possibilities of vertical radiators with our amazing range of vertical designer radiators.

Vertical Designer Radiators FAQs

Vertical Designer radiators work the same as horizontal designer radiators. This is because we install an additional piece inside a designer vertical radiator called a flow diverter.

This ensures that the hot water travels around the entire radiator raising the internal temperature.

No, vertical radiators do not take longer to heat up. They have a flow diverter that ensures they heat up in the same way as horizontal radiators.

There is no specific or unique requirement for vertical radiators vs horizontal radiators. 

For any radiator, you need to leave enough space to work with piping and valves and so the radiator isn’t directly touching anything like the skirting board. There also needs to be a bit of space between the bottom of the radiator and the floor to allow air flow.

As an easy to follow rule: at least 10cm above the ground or 1-2cm above the skirting board, whichever is higher. This is usually a good guide to see if the radiator will fit, but this requirement may change from home to home and could be lower or even slightly higher.

Vertical radiators are a great way of making the most out of limited space in small or heavily furnished rooms. They can be placed wherever is suitable for your room.

Yes, but this will always depend on whether you have enough space. Most experienced plumbers will have zero issues taking your old horizontal radiator and replacing it with an ultra-modern vertical radiator.