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Modern Kitchen Radiators

Kitchens are one of the most actively used rooms in a home. They’re the place you spend time with loved ones and prepare food after a long day of work.

Getting your kitchen to the right temperature to keep your family warm is essential to providing the right atmosphere in your home.

At UK Radiators, we stock an eclectic range of modern designer kitchen radiators that provide the best heating options for any decor style.

Finding The Right Type of Kitchen Radiator

Kitchens can often be tricky rooms to heat up, especially if you’re tight on space. Or perhaps you have an open-spaced kitchen that tends to pick up cold draughts during the winter months.

So before purchasing, it’s important to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a kitchen radiator. Some things you’ll want to consider are colours, sizes, and design styles. If space is an issue, our collection of wall-mounted vertical kitchen radiators will be exactly what you’re after.

To help you find a radiator that perfectly matches your needs, you can use our reliable BTU calculator to identify a suitable radiator for your heat output requirements.

Best Types of Kitchen Radiators

Maintaining heat can be difficult if you have an open planned kitchen. Our wall-mounted vertical kitchen radiators offer the perfect solution as they provide exceptional heat output while utilising your wall space. They are guaranteed to keep even the biggest of spaces warm and comfy.

We also stock a fabulous range of Aluminium Designer Radiators that are highly versatile and can heat up and cool down quickly - they are brilliant for being eco-friendly! Hence, these radiators are ideal for controlling your room temperature and preventing kitchens from turning into saunas if it gets too warm.

You can even keep your tea towels perfectly crisp and dry with our Dual Fuel Towel Rail Radiators! This heating solution has the flexibility to be connected to your central heating system or work entirely independently whenever you want!

Shop Our Beautiful Selection of Designer Kitchen Radiators

UK Radiators has everything you want from modern tall column radiators to handy wall-mounted kitchen towel rails, topped with several perks including free delivery and limitless, free returns.

Take a look at our fantastic range of designer kitchen radiators and competitive prices.