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6 Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas

6 Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas

Redecorating a bathroom is an exciting part of home renovation. Bathroom décor has changed in recent years so it's no longer just about function but also form, with all kinds of new hardware and fittings hitting the market to match any theme you can think of. Even bathroom radiators have kept up with the trends with plenty of different types of towel rails and other heating solutions looking just as stylish as any designer radiator in your home. They also come in a wide range of different colours, metals, and finishes to help bring the whole space together. So, if you’re looking for bathroom colour ideas, and for a bathroom radiator to match, look no further than UK Radiators.

1. Vintage blue and white

Blue and white are classic nautical colours that work really well together in most settings. Blue is a calming shade that can help reduce stress - perfect for bathrooms - and white is clean and helps to reflect light so is ideal for small spaces. Whatever shade of blue you choose to go for, white is the perfect complementary colour. Opt for blue walls with a half and half panelling or tiled look and paint your cabinets the same shade. Fittings of any colour will look good here but matt black or chrome will add a touch of class to the room. Add a white bathroom radiator to dry your towels on for the perfect finish to your nautical colour theme and the perfectly toasty towels every time you shower. The Agar White Electric towel rail adds a touch of contemporary chic to your space while the Zennor White Heated towel rail offers more of a subdued vibe. Looking for something traditional and timeless? The Arundel Traditional towel radiator could be perfect for your vintage bathroom. Warp S - White Towel Radiators - H1110mm x W500mm


2. Black, gold, and white

If a modern colour combination is calling your name, decorating your bathroom with a black, gold, and white colour scheme might be the one for you. This theme introduces classy gold with a solid and reliable base of black and white that can be really versatile and suit any-sized bathroom. When it comes to the walls, anything goes - mix and match tiles with paint or opt for marble-look tiles for a modern twist. For fittings, stick to gold or brass taps, furniture handles and showerheads. Black radiators such as the Omeara black towel radiator or Elyan black towel radiator are an excellent way to bring some of that modern chic into your space while still keeping your towels nice and dry. And for the finishing touch, why not pair these radiators with brass valves and matching brass pipe covers?


3. Stone, grey and white

Neutral colours are a great way to turn your bathroom into a grounding, zen space. Soothing stone shades combined with calming greys make the perfect colour palette to relax in. Wood tones and plenty of plants also help to bring the space together to create the ideal space to relax and have a bath. Pair these grounding tones with dark grey fittings and anthracite bathroom radiators for the perfect finish to your new, calming bathroom. The dark grey of anthracite radiators such as the Zennor Anthracite Heated towel rail or Capri Anthracite towel radiator helps to tie together the space, making it feel homey and welcoming. Capri - Anthracite Towel Radiator - H719mm x W500mm - Straight


4. Blush pink and chrome

Pink has made a re-appearance in home décor recently. From “old rose” shades to the hue known as “Millennial pink”, this charming colour is the perfect way to soften a powder room or bathroom. Pink is a soothing colour and matches perfectly with many different types of metals but is particularly well suited for chrome. Decorate your walls however you like with this sweet colour, pairing it with white or light grey tiles before installing chrome fittings. Taps, showerheads, and cupboard handles all come in this easy-to-find metallic shade as well as some really gorgeous chrome radiators. Models with straight bars such as the Zennor Chrome heated towel rail are great for compact spaces as they can be fitted very close to the wall whereas designs featuring curved rails such as the Roma Curved Chrome Heated towel rail can offer more space and airflow for your towels, helping them dry faster. Find a wide range of chrome bathroom radiators right here at UK Radiators, as well as a wide range of chrome radiator valves and pipe covers!

5. Mustard, grey and silver

Mustard and grey are the perfect way to add some art deco chic to your home. This unusual but effective colour combination has come roaring back into fashion, favoured because of its ability to inject some sunshine into your space while still keeping you feeling grounded and calm. The light and airy shade of silver radiators make for the perfect pairing with such a colour combination. Pair with silver bathroom radiators such as the Crossmoor Silver towel radiator with its retro feel or the more contemporary Typhoon Silver towel radiator to keep the colours going throughout. Additionally, try to find some 1920s inspired furniture or geometric designs to evoke the fun of the roaring twenties, the era we can thank for this stellar colour combination. Typhoon - Silver Electric Towel Rail H816mm x W500mm 300w Standard


6. Sage green and grey

Grey is a very versatile colour, as we’re sure you can tell from the number of times we’ve suggested it. Grey can be both a neutral complementary colour, that supports other hues, and a feature shade to base your décor around. It works well in combination with all sorts of other colours and, in particular, green tones. Pair soft grey bathroom radiators with hues of green such as soft sage colours to bring some nature into your bathroom. The Easy Sparkling Gravel towel radiator features a strong ladder design, perfect for modern-style spaces. If you’re into more organic styles though, the Aire Winter Sky towel radiator helps your décor theme flow through the room. Match with natural wood tones or grey cabinets and make sure to add a plant or two to bring the whole space together.     Your bathroom décor is just as important as your living room or bedroom, offering you the ability to create the perfect space to relax in or re-energise. Did this guide not hit the mark? We have plenty of other colour options for you to choose from to suit any bathroom décor style you please. Make sure you check out our full range of bathroom radiators to fit your space to perfection.

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