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Radiator Bleed Valves

Maintaining good functionality of your radiator or towel rail is important. If you’ve ever noticed that there are cool spots at the top of your radiators while your heating is on or they make clunking or groaning sounds as they heat up, it might be time to bleed them.

If you don’t bleed your radiators regularly there could be a build-up of air in your system which can negatively impact the efficiency of your heating and may result in a bigger bill due to the higher amounts of energy used to heat your home.

Enter radiator bleed valves.

What are radiator bleed valves?

The bleed valves on your radiator allow you to release built-up air to help make your heating more efficient. They are commonly available in both manual and automatic options.

Manual radiator bleed valves require the use of a radiator bleeding key, and you will need to go around each radiator individually and bleed them wherever it’s needed. Replacement manual bleed valves are available in a variety of radiators and designs, allowing a matching style to your home decor and the ability to easily bleed radiators as required.

What about automatic radiator bleed valves?

Automatic radiator bleed valves remove the need to go around manually to bleed the radiators. They automatically release any built-up air and have been tested and approved for their functionality by a recognised United Kingdom Third Party Testing Facility.

Have a browse through our full range of valves, elements, and accessories or pick up anything else you need from our radiator parts and accessories category. And for more information about how to bleed radiators, check out our blog post all about it.