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Aluminium Designer Radiators

Ultra modern and relentlessly stylish, aluminium radiators are the minimalist’s heating solution of choice. Keep your home warm and cosy during the long winter months without missing out on a sleek, designer look.

Let’s talk metal: aluminium heats up quickly, it’s easy to recycle, and it’s also incredibly resistant to corrosion so you won’t have to worry about replacing your radiators any time soon.

There are even more advantages to choosing an aluminium radiator. With low power usage, you’ll be reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Our lightweight aluminium radiators disperse heat efficiently, making them a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.

If you’re hunting for a heating system that’s as practical as it is stylish, look no further.

Are Aluminium Radiators Cost-Effective?

Another of aluminium’s benefits is that it can help to save you a pretty penny. Because it is such a conductive metal and heats up so quickly, it needs less water to keep warm and less power to heat up.

In fact, aluminium radiators are considered one of the most cost-effective heating solutions to use in your home. No wonder they’re taking the home décor world by storm.

We’re big fans of this metal here at UK Radiators. (Can you tell?) Invest in the designer aluminium radiator of your dreams, knowing you’ll save on fuel and energy costs.

The Aluminium Vertical Radiator Revolution

Upgrade your space with our sophisticated range of vertical aluminium radiators. These contemporary models combine sleek design with exceptional heat output to balance aesthetics and functionality.

With their slim profiles and tall stature, they make the most of your wall space, so they’re ideal for modern homes or offices with limited square footage. No need to rely on the spaces beneath the windows. Vertical aluminium radiators can fit in pretty much anywhere.

Are There Many Colours and Styles Available?

Our aluminium designer range includes radiators in black, white, and anthracite (the most perfect shade of grey).

With high-quality vertical and horizontal options in both our double panelled and flat ranges, we’re sure you’ll find a radiator that works for you and your space.

Aluminium Designer Radiators FAQs

An aluminium radiator may be more expensive than radiators using cheaper metals like cast iron or steel. Just remember that they take less energy to heat a room to a comfortable temperature. With the reduced energy costs, you’re likely to make a saving in the long run, and you can feel good about your environmental impact too.

Your new aluminium radiator will arrive with all the fittings to hang it on the wall, so your plumber will be able to install it without any problems. You only need to consider customising your radiators with pipe covers and radiator valves.

Absolutely! Our designer aluminium radiators come in a range of designs suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and all other living spaces. They’re also a popular choice for offices and other working environments. Find the colour and size that suits your space at UK Radiators.