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Bedroom Radiators

Your bedroom is a unique and personal space that’s just for you. Having your own room allows you to take complete control of how you decorate it to reflect your style and personality.

That’s why finding the right bedroom radiator that caters to your needs is an important task when redecorating your home. You’ll want to find an efficient yet stylish radiator that will provide the right amount of heat output depending on the size of your room - ensuring you’re kept cosy and warm. Whilst also allowing you to have a good night’s sleep, and ultimately helping you feel ready for the day ahead!

From small box rooms to large and open-spaced bedrooms, at UK Radiators we stock an extensive range of designer radiators to suit your needs.

Finding Your Perfect Bedroom Radiator

Before choosing a radiator, it is worth asking yourself what requirements your radiator will need to meet. Some things you’ll want to consider are radiator colours, sizes, and design style.

To help you find a radiator that matches your needs, you can use our reliable BTU calculator to select a suitable radiator for your heat output requirements.

Best Radiators for Bedrooms

You really can’t go wrong with our fabulous Column Radiators. With plenty of colours and styles to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! Not only are they a sophisticated addition to your bedroom, but they also provide excellent levels of heat output as they’re made from a durable steel material.

Column Radiators conduct heat exceptionally well and are perfect for medium and large-sized rooms - allowing you to keep cosy at night!

We also stock a variety of 3 Column Radiators for small to large rooms that give a stylish and traditional look with their advanced heat output. The 500 and 600 mm high radiators make an elegant feature to any bedroom without projecting far from the wall.

Need to free up space in your bedroom? Vertical Radiators are fantastic for fitting around bedroom furniture such as wardrobes and drawers.

Our Vertical Scalloway range fits around wardrobes perfectly whilst effectively distributing heat due to being designed with malleable materials. The delicate, rounded triangular-shaped tubes allow heat to quickly and easily diffuse - keeping you warm in no time!

Double Panel Radiators are another fantastic option to consider. Double panel radiators have more surface area than single panel radiators and offer a higher heat output with the added bonus of giving a designer look. Opting for a Vertical Double Panel Radiator makes a stunning feature to any bedroom room.

Best Radiators for Small Bedrooms

For bedrooms that are short on space, our Typhoon White Horizontal Radiator are a sleek and classic choice that suits most interior design styles. With their slim projection, these radiators are ideal for utilising dead space under windows.

Shop Our Beautiful Selection of Designer Radiators

UK radiators have plenty of designs and finishes you’ll love if you're looking for a bedroom radiator.

Take a look at our fantastic range of column radiators and competitive prices.