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Ultra Slim Radiators

Gone are the days of planning your room’s layout around a bulky radiator. Today’s heaters come in every shape and size! Our ultra slim models allow you to save valuable wall space and make a stylish statement – take a look.

Shop with confidence thanks to our free delivery and unlimited returns. Whether you’re looking for a tall tower of heat or a small, slim radiator for your cosier rooms, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to embrace efficient warmth and cutting-edge design.

Maximise Wall Space With a Vertical Slimline Radiator

In compact contemporary living spaces, you want to make the most of every inch, and our slim vertical radiators will help you do just that. These sleek models offer a substantial surface area for heat emission and only take up a modest slice of your wall. Let the interior design freedom commence!

Elegant, Modern Design

An ultra slim radiator isn't just practical; it brings modern flair and style to your home. Take a look at some of our most popular models:

● Go for a contemporary double-panel radiator like the white vertical Typhoon.
● Get classy with our slimline Alpha column radiator.
● For maximum efficiency, try an aluminium model such as the Thetford vertical radiator.

A radiator shouldn’t detract from your interior decor. It should be a crucial part of it! Find a slim model that expresses your personal style and realises your home’s aesthetic today.

Secure the Optimal Heat Output For Your Space

Each room has its own heating needs, but fear not – our slim radiators come in various sizes to meet your required heat output. Whether you're heating a small bedroom, a spacious living area, or even a commercial space, we have plenty of space-saving modern radiators to explore.

Use our innovative new BTU calculator, RADSIZER®, to calculate the heat output required for your space. Getting the right radiator for your BTU (British Thermal Unit) requirement will ensure that your home is heated efficiently.

Free Delivery and Unlimited Returns

At UK Radiators, we don’t just offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes; we offer peace of mind. Make the most of free and fast delivery on all our slim radiators, knowing hassle-free returns are available if it’s not quite the right fit.

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