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Angled radiator valves

The right valve can transform your radiator’s appearance and add an extra touch of ‘you’ to your home. That’s why our thermostatic and manual angled valves come in five finishes and an array of colours – from elegant white to trendy copper and classy chrome.

We’re here to put the rad in angled radiator valves.

What are angled radiator valves?

Angled radiator valves are that small bit of pipework that connects your radiator to your central heating system. The points of connection are at a 90-degree angle, which is perfect for pipes coming up from the floor that need to turn to enter the side of the radiator.

Angled radiator valves are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their discreet appearance, ease of use, and growing availability.

For more options, check out our corner radiator valves and straight radiator valves.

Customise your radiator’s appearance

New valves can be a great way to add some extra style to your existing radiators. Add a touch of vintage charm with antique brass TRVs or achieve a slick modern look with bold black valves.

Angled Valves FAQs

‘TRV’ stands for thermostatic radiator valve. With thermostatic valves fitted, you can adjust the level of heat in each room rather than warming every radiator in the house to the same temperature. At UK Radiators, we have angled TRVs in modern and traditional finishes. This allows you to achieve the perfect look without compromising functionality.

Angled radiator valves are ideal for pipes coming out of the floor that need to turn to enter the radiator. The main difference between angled and corner valves is their appearance. If in doubt, click the ‘chat’ icon at the bottom right of this screen to speak to a member of our support staff.

Angled radiator valves are designed to be compatible with radiators made to UK specifications. The majority of valves in the UK have a radiator ½” BSP radiator connection size, this will fit all of the radiators on our website, but it's a good idea to check your radiator’s inlet size in the specifications.

It is possible to install radiator valves yourself if you have knowledge and experience. However, we suggest hiring a professional. A registered plumber can be trusted to install the valves correctly. This will help you to prevent any leaks and keep the warranty on your radiator and valves intact.

It is possible to retrofit radiator valves to your old radiators, our ultimate guide details the steps you can take. Bear in mind that there may be added complications with certain designs and heating systems. Speak to a professional plumber or get in touch with our UK Radiators support staff to discuss your plans.