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5 Ways To Hang Wet Towels In A Small Bathroom

5 Ways To Hang Wet Towels In A Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the smaller space can feel cosy, it’s easy to keep warm, and not to mention there’s less cleaning involved. But they can be limiting in many ways as well, compact spaces can often feel cramped and offer very little storage space, including towel hanging space. So, in a room where there’s not a lot of space to hang things, how do you dry towels after having your shower or washing your hands? If you’re looking for some inspiration or bathroom towel hanging ideas, look no further. UK Radiators has the solution!

1. Where to hang wet towels in small bathroom

Finding ways to hang wet towels in a small bathroom is all about maximising the space you have. When looking for heating for your bathroom, opt for a towel radiator or rail over a designer or column radiator as these have been designed to hang towels on. Doing so will help to heat the room, and dry your towels all at the same time. Alternatively, if you already have a radiator in the space, consider installing some hooks above it to help dry your towels without taking up extra floor space. In a room that has underfloor heating, you won’t need a radiator that outputs a lot of heat. If this is the case for you, electric towel warmers will do the trick.

2. Hang them on a towel rail

One of the best ways to dry towels in your bathroom is to install a towel rail. Towel rails are available in a number of different types and styles to fit any space. First, choose your dimensions - towel rails are available in a wide range of sizes so are the perfect way to use space efficiently. Not only that, but with ladder heated towel rails you can usually choose between straight or curved bars depending on how much room you have to spare. Straight bars are ideal for narrow spaces as they have a consistent projection across the whole rail whereas curved bars make it a bit easier to hang thick towels but do have a larger projection. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more monochrome, the Agar Black Towel Radiator is the perfect option for your bathroom. It can be mounted on the wall or above the toilet to save as much space as possible. And offers plenty of towel-hanging space. This is exactly what one of our customers (@t.rooms_) did in her bathroom, and we think it looks amazing!

3. Go tall and narrow

For more vertical hanging space without taking up extra wall space, choose a tall bathroom radiator such as the Zennor Anthracite Straight Towel Rail. This style of towel rail maximises hanging space without taking up lots of wall area. The simple, understated design adds a sleek and modern touch without overpowering the decor and because it’s plumbed into the central heating, it doubles as a radiator - keeping your bathroom nice and toasty.

4. Don’t hang on cold radiators

One important thing to note when hanging towels in your bathroom is to not hang them on a cold radiator. When the damp towels have prolonged contact with the cold metal of the radiator, they can rust and become damaged over time. To keep your towel rail looking and working its best, only hang your wet towels on a warm radiator. Because of this, it’s a great idea to install some heating controls that enable you to turn on the bathroom radiator whenever you need it. Dual Fuel Towel Rails will allow you to heat the towel rail independently to your central heating - meaning you can keep towels dry even when your heating is off - great for summer! Alternatively, an electric-only towel rail can be turned on and off whenever you need to. Or look into a heating element that can be controlled remotely such as the INOW Black Heating Element with WiFi control that can be connected to an app and controlled via your smartphone, even when you're not at home!

5. Don’t overload the radiator

To help your towels dry thoroughly, make sure you’re not overloading the towel rail with items. Doing this can reduce airflow which is vital to preventing towels from staying damp for too long - causing that unpleasant musty smell or, in extreme circumstances, mould. In addition to not overloading the towel rail, you may find that regularly flipping the towels will help them to dry faster too, making sure you refold the towels if they’re folded up to give the inside layers a chance to dry out.   When shopping for your perfect radiator for your small bathroom, make sure you check out our full range of Bathroom Radiators for a wide range of different dimensions to fit your space. Of course, buying the perfect radiator isn't just about size so make sure you also check out our guide What Size Radiator Do I Need For My Bathroom? to make sure you’re getting a unit with the correct heat output for the space.

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