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Double Panel Designer Radiators

If you're on the lookout for a heating solution that's equal parts stylish and energy efficient, then let us give you a warm welcome to our amazing selection of double panel designer radiators!

With their ultra-modern designs and powerful heating capabilities, our double panel designer radiators are sure to transform your home into a cosy, stylish and inviting space.

What Are Double Panel Radiators?

Double panel radiators are a type of heating system that consists of two panels or layers of metal with space in between them. They are designed to be more efficient than single panel radiators by increasing the amount of heat that is emitted into a room.

The two panels of a double panel radiator are connected by convectors or fins, which help to increase the surface area of the radiator and distribute heat more evenly. This design allows the radiator to heat up faster and provide more heat output compared to a traditional single panel radiator.

Benefits of Designer Double Panel Radiators

Not only do the double panel radiators we offer at UK Radiators provide exceptional heating performance, but they’re also chock full of other benefits that make them irresistible to homeowners all around the world (well, the cold parts anyway).

For one, their double panel design allows for increased surface area, which means they can heat larger rooms more quickly than traditional radiators. Plus, with their modern and minimalist aesthetic, they can complement any interior style, from contemporary to traditional.

And finally, we’ve saved our favourite benefit for last – they can let you get creative with your decor! Nothing is stopping you from replacing your run-of-the-mill radiator with a showstopping piece that is sure to breathe some new life into your home. When you’ve got this many colours, finishes, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect designer radiator for you – without the heavy designer price tag.

With all these benefits, you can see why double panel radiators are adored by homeowners.

Multiple Options, Endless Style

If space is an issue, then check out our collection of vertical designer radiators. Want something more traditional? Then check out our horizontal designer radiators. For more affordable options, then you can’t go wrong with our single panel designer radiators.

So, there you have it. Double panel designer radiators really are the way to go if you’re looking for a chic approach to modernising your heating. And if there was one lesson to be learned, it’s double the panels = double the heat!

Double Panel Radiators FAQs

At UK Radiators, our double panel radiators come in a variety of finishes and colours. For finishes, we have matt, gloss and metallic. The colours we have available are black, white, and the highly popular anthracite.

When compared to their single panel counterparts, double panel radiators are generally considered to be better thanks to the advantages they have in terms of heat output.

One of the main benefits of double panel radiators is that they have a larger surface area than single panel radiators, which allows them to emit more heat into a room compared to the space they take up in the room i.e. the height and width will be smaller on a double panel radiator compared to a single panel radiator that provides the same heat output, which will have a bigger height and width.

Yes, single panel radiators can be replaced with double panel radiators. When switching from a single to double panel radiator, the wall to pipe centre measurement may be larger (in cm or mm) on the double than the single, so some pipe adjustment is to be expected.

No they do not. The only difference between double panel and single panel is the amount of space they take up on a wall vs the heat output. If you had two like-for-like (height and width) radiators, single panel and double panel, the double panel will have a higher heat output and therefore can heat the same space as the single panel radiator but at a lower boiler flow temperature due to its higher surface area.

So it may be the case that by installing double panel radiators instead of single panel radiators, you can lower the boiler temperature and reduce running cost without compromising on space taken up in the room.