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Type 21 double panel radiators

Don't be left out in the cold this winter - install Type 21 double panel radiators in your home to stay toasty and warm.

What Are Type 21 Radiators?

Type 21 radiators are one of the most common types of radiators in the UK so you're most likely already familiar with them. They consist of two radiator panels with one row of fins in between. They usually come with a grill and side panels that clip onto the radiator for a seamless finish and are some of the most affordable options you can buy. They're the perfect radiators for when you need a highly efficient and effective heater that won't take up too much space.

Why Choose Type 21 Radiators?

Thanks to their steel construction, Type 21 double panel radiators are some of the most durable and reliable on the market. Steel has been used for radiators for decades due to its ability to conduct heat really well and its hardwearing, durable quality - offering you a reliable and affordable heating solution for your home.

Type 21 radiators are available in many different sizes and widths so can be fitted in any space but are ideal for use beneath windows to utilise dead space. The row of fins inside these radiators is the reason they're so effective - they help to increase the amount of heat the radiator throws out into the room.

Pair with a traditional thermostatic radiator valve for even more efficient heating for your home and protection from frost. If you're looking for more options, check out our full range of double panel radiators and if you're looking for a larger heat output, check out our Type 22 radiators instead!

Type 21 Radiators FAQs

The main difference between Type 11, Type 21, and Type 22 double panel radiators is the number of panels and fins they have, which affects their heat output and efficiency. Type 11 radiators have one panel and one set of fins, Type 21 radiators have two panels and one set of fins, and Type 22 radiators have two panels and two sets of fins.

Type 22 radiators are the most suitable for larger rooms with higher heat requirements, while Type 11 radiators are best for smaller rooms with lower heat requirements.

The size of Type 21 radiators can vary depending on the manufacturer, but they typically have a larger projection than Type 11 radiators, and a smaller projection than Type 22 radiators.

Yes, Type 21 radiators can be used with most central heating systems, including gas boilers, oil boilers, and low-temperature heating systems - like heat pumps.

The suitability of a Type 21 radiator for your room will depend on several factors, including the size of the room, the insulation of the building, and the overall efficiency of your central heating system. If you need a hand picking the most suitable radiator for your needs, then check out the RADSIZER® - our cutting-edge BTU Calculator.