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Wall-Mounted Electric Radiators

Our collection of energy-efficient electric heaters offers innovative technology combined with sleek aesthetics. These wall-mounted models are convenient and elegant, designed to work for you and your lifestyle. Explore our designer range and find a radiator that will stand the test of time.

Convenience Redefined

With a modern, wall-mounted electric radiator, you can take complete control of your room’s temperature. It’s time to embrace convenience!

These radiators don’t need to be connected to any pipes, so your placement options will be really versatile. Going wall-mounted also means freeing up valuable floor space. Customise your heating schedule with intuitive timers and smart controls to guarantee a warm and inviting home at the times you need it.

Progressive in Design and Function

A wall-mounted electric radiator can look just like a traditional gas radiator. We have modern and classic designs available so you can go for a minimal or more traditional look. Find a heater that fits into your home perfectly.

We also have an array of colours, with matt, gloss and silk finishes on offer. Our most popular models include:

Electric heaters don’t just look good. These radiators are sustainable and energy-efficient, working for the good of the environment and cutting your maintenance costs.

Is a Wall-Mounted Electric Radiator Right for Your Home?

You’ll be surprised by the impressive heat output of these electric models. Want to check what kind of radiator will best suit your individual needs? Let our new BTU calculator, RADSIZER®, give you a hand.

Free Next-Day Delivery

If you order a UK Radiators product before 2 pm, we’ll get it on its way the same day with delivery in 1 to 3 working days. More good news: delivery is FREE for all UK mainland customers.

For a wall-mounted radiator that works around your lifestyle and towards a cleaner future, check out our electric models below.