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Raw Metal Column Radiators

If you’re looking for a new set of radiators to improve your heating system and suit a unique, industrial decor theme, installing a set of raw metal radiators is the way to go. Old radiators can be inefficient and unpredictable so upgrade your heating system with a set of raw metal column radiators from UK Radiators instead. Raw metal is the perfect addition to homes with an industrial style or even as a statement alongside simple decor. Every radiator is unique due to the raw steel being unpainted, allowing the natural colours and imperfections to shine. Steel is the ideal metal for radiators. It conducts heat quickly and efficiently and offers good heat output.

Traditional Raw Metal Column Radiators

Inspired by the traditional Victorian design, a column radiator is a great addition to your heating system. The curvature shape on column radiators helps to distribute heat evenly and efficiently throughout a room. Not to mention they’re available in all kinds of different sizes so you can keep any space warm and cosy all winter long. Pick up your raw metal column radiators with 2, 3, or 4 columns depending on how big your rooms are. Our range of Sherwood radiators offer you sleek, curved lines for a touch of tradition while the Temple designs feature more square lines for a modern twist on a classic. For even more choice, you can check out the rest of our selection of column radiators too. You’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need from right here at UK Radiators.

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