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Black Electric Radiators

A black electric radiator is the perfect heating solution for those who like to have complete control. They operate independently from the rest of your home’s heating so are ideal for rooms that haven’t been hooked up to the central heating system such as new extensions or garages. Most models are fitted with thermostats and can be fully switched off so they won’t overheat or leave you with unexpectedly high energy bills.

The perfect black electric radiators

Install your black electric radiators in areas that need a little bit of extra help to keep warm. Available in a variety of different materials such as steel and even glass, these sleek radiators are a great modern addition to any home and can even act as an unusual centrepiece for lounges and entryways. Black is a really stylish colour that won’t show as much dirt or dust and will suit almost any kind of decor theme you have in your home.

Here at UK Radiators, we have all of the expertise you could need to pick up the best heating solution for you. For even more choice of colours and materials, check out our full range of electric radiators to keep your home toasty.

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  1. Terma
    Ribbon Heban Black Vertical Electric Radiator H1800mm x W290mm 600w Thermostatic
    Product Code: 21817
    • 600w
    • Guarantee: 8 Years (Radiator), 2 Years (Element)
    • Electric Element Kit, Brackets, Fixings, Bleed Valve & Blanking Plugs Included
    In stock Delivery: 1-3 working days

3 Items

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