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Traditional Thermostatic Valves

For period properties, homes that have a vintage feel, or even for radiators that are inspired by antique designs, traditional radiator valves are the ideal option. These modern-with-a-vintage-twist radiator valves combine the efficiency and up-to-date technology of modern thermostatic radiator valves while still looking like they are from another time. By installing traditional radiator valves on your radiators, you can enjoy customisable control over the temperature in every room of your house.

Why you need traditional radiator valves

Fitting thermostatic traditional radiator valves to your radiators offers you much finer control over the temperature in each room of your house. Rather than heating your whole home to the same temperature, which can be a waste of energy, heating individual rooms to the perfect temperature you need can make your heating much more efficient.

For example, less-used bedrooms such as guest rooms don’t need to be kept as cosy as the main bedrooms do and you probably don’t always want the kitchen to be as toasty as you want the living room - especially if you do a lot of baking and cooking. Installing thermostatic radiator valves allow you to customise the heat output in each room independently of the other radiators in your home which can help cut unnecessary energy usage.

All thermostatic radiator valves from UK Radiators come with built-in frost protection for extra peace of mind. This setting detects low temperatures and kicks in even when the radiator is turned off to help prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter. For a wide variety of more colours and styles of thermostatic radiator valves for your home, check out the rest of our range of valves, elements, and accessories.

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