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Energy Saving – Where to Start?

Advice Centre
Welcome to our Advice Centre, where you’ll find inspiration, practical tips and now-how guides for the best and most economical ways to heat your home.
Energy Saving – Where to Start?

With all the information available online, from the useful to the quite unreliable, knowing how to save energy and thereby lowering your energy bills can be quite a daunting and difficult task.

We at UK Radiators have put extensive research and funding into building a one-stop energy-saving service which we will continue to build over the coming years. Covering free changes you can make to existing equipment or behaviours around the home, and  property adjustments from the minor tweaks through to getting your home ready for low-temperature solutions like heat pumps.

It is a good idea to save this page as a bookmark, as it will help you navigate all of our content and let you keep track of changes and ideas as we add them to our advice centre.

Quick Wins

The following blogs and articles contain some quick wins and free ideas to help reduce your energy usage.

A good place to start is Our 15 Tips to help you save money this winter. These tips are just that - tips. Some are things you can implement straight away, and may already have done so, while others may involve some further reading or research for your particular system/home. There may be some gems on there that could help you save a chunk of change with little effort, so its definitely worth a read! 

Little bit of work

Check for Cold Spots on central heating radiators

After your heating has been on for a little while, go around your radiators and check if there are any patches of cold (careful not to hurt yourself as radiators can get very hot!).

If you find that there are cold spots at the top – see our How to Bleed a Radiator guide for the steps to take.

If you dislike the manual process of bleeding your radiators, or this is a recurring problem in your home, you can automate this process using auto bleed vents, you can find out more about them on our Aladdin Self Bleeding blog.

If you fine that there are cold spots at the bottom or your radiators – see the internal corrosion section of our Rust and Corrosion Guide for guidance on how to resolve this.

Some In Depth Trade Secrets!

In order to make real savings, we need to understand how energy works.

We have prepared several blogs around this topic, it is quite detailed so a cup of tea (or several) is required to make it through this content, but if you can get through these topics, even gaining a basic understanding of how energy works, you can really start to make savings on your energy.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand something, it is one of those areas that as you carry on reading through the content and learning, eventually it will click, especially as you put these things into practice in the real world.

Reading Order

  1. Understanding How Heat Energy Works – Background to Weather Compensation 
  2. Should I Turn My TRVs Off to Save Money on Heating?
  3. Should I Turn My Boiler Flow Temperature Down to Save Money? 
  4. What Is Weather Compensation? 

Check back to this blog frequently for updates, we will continue adding in various content as we grow out our Energy Saving topics!