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An image of a dormer loft room with a grey radiator placed underneath a window

Top Radiators for Loft Conversions

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Loft Radiator

From heat output to design aesthetics, these tips will guide you in choosing a radiator that meets your heating requirements and enhances the overall ambience of your loft space.

Consider Your Loft Rooms Heating Requirement

Loft spaces often have unconventional shapes and offer limited options for radiator placement compared to other rooms in your home. Due to this, it becomes even more essential that your chosen radiator has the dimensions and heat output to effectively warm your room.

That’s where our advanced BTU calculator, RADSIZER® can lend a hand. Our RADSIZER algorithm considers all the important factors like room size, insulation, and personal preferences.

Consider Wall Height

Wall height isn’t normally a concern, but when it comes to lofts, it becomes a whole new ballgame.

Loft spaces often have low vertical walls, with sloping eaves dominating the rest of the area.

Low but wide horizontal radiators are a great solution that combines practicality and efficiency. These radiators are designed to fit perfectly onto the available wall space in your loft while providing effective heat circulation throughout the room.

If you have a dormer loft conversion, this often opens up a plethora of radiator options due to the ample wall space available for installation.

Our Pick of the Best Radiators for Loft Conversions

With our advice in mind, we’ve handpicked a selection of the best radiators for your loft conversion.

An image of a small grey radiator placed in an office room












When considering a radiator for your loft conversion, the Alpha radiator stands out for its efficient heat distribution, column options for different room sizes, and modern anthracite colour.

An image of a grey radiator placed underneath a window in a makeup room

Our Sherwood radiator is a fantastic option that offers the option of a 2-column design, which is the slimmest type of column radiator available. While the heat output may be lower compared to larger column variants, 2-column radiators are specifically designed for smaller rooms, ensuring they provide sufficient warmth and comfort.

An image of a grey radiator installed underneath a window in a nursery room

The Scalloway radiator is another ideal choice for small loft rooms with its sleek and modern single panel design. With a small projection, the Scalloway provides plenty of heat without compromising style.

An image of a black radiator placed next to a bedside cabinet


Our Typhoon radiator is a perfect option for loft conversions. Its flat tube style maximises space and delivers super-efficient heat output with larger tubes and a greater surface area. With a double panel design, the Typhoon model offers substantial heat output while occupying the same wall space as single panel designs.

Selecting the perfect radiator for your loft conversion can make all the difference in creating a cosy and efficient living space.

With UK Radiators, you can trust our expertise and extensive range of top-quality loft radiators. Enhance your loft conversion today and discover the best heating solution for your space.


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