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500 products over 400 miles - for £25?  How UK Radiators streamlined this property developer’s supply chain.

500 products over 400 miles - for £25? How UK Radiators streamlined this property developer’s supply chain.

Pain point: Finding reasonable shipping costs

Being based in Scotland, with no retailers who stocked the right products of the high quality he needed, John extended his search for radiators to the whole of the UK, expecting to have to pay hefty shipping costs. When bulk-buying radiators, you can usually expect delivery costs upwards of £100 for the size and weight of them, typically being shipped on a pallet.

When he came to UK Radiators, we showed John that he didn’t have to choose between high quality or low shipping costs. We shipped a whole pallet of radiators and accessories to him at a cost of £25, which he added was “next to nothing… and came within 2 days, I hardly had to wait”.

Pain point: Finding truly good quality

Online shopping can be hit and miss, especially in huge online marketplaces where it’s often hard to know what you’re buying. John tells us he’s even heard

horror stories from his customers of ordering products that looked great online, but arrived as miniatures - it’s enough to put anyone off.

Even products that look good online can disappoint upon arrival, particularly when it comes to radiators. One way to tell real quality is by the coating of chrome you find on some radiators that protects the radiator itself. John tells us that he’s fitted radiators before where “the chrome is so thin on the products, after about 5 years, the rust starts coming through on the underside of them. But I can't see that happening with this stuff. If you look at a radiator, especially the chrome ones, and the edges look really square, then there's hardly a covering on them. But with [UK Radiators'] radiators, it's like the chrome comes up to the corner, dips into the corner and goes round. It’s got a really good covering.”

And, similar to radiators, when it comes to valves, he tells us that it might be old fashioned, but it’s true that weight correlates to quality.

Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable

After dealing with countless suppliers who only cared about their next paying customer, our team at UK Radiators have been a breath of fresh air for John. While he has a wealth of experience in purchasing and fitting homeware appliances, our knowledgeable team was on hand to provide all the help and guidance he needed.

John tells us that he’s appreciated that we aren’t just salesmen - we really do know our stuff. We also understand how much pressure there can be surrounding such a big purchase, and were there every step of the way. From giving advice on the types of radiators and valves to suit each project, to sending additional materials that had gotten lost during delivery, we pride ourselves on helping our customers in any way we can, and John seemed to agree.

In fact, he found so much value in our customer service that he’s recommended our services to multiple other self-employed developers in his area. John tells us how word-of-mouth is the “safest form of finding somebody, because seeing is believing, right?”.

Having used numerous different suppliers over the years for his projects, he feels that he’s found the right fit in UK Radiators. In his own words, he tells other developers, “yeah you could get your stuff 10 pence or £10 cheaper somewhere else, but my god you’re not going to get what you’ll get from the guys at UK Radiators.”

Don’t choose between high quality and good service

John tells us that his experience at UK Radiators was high-quality, speedy and personalised, which is something we strive to create for all our customers. He felt completely at ease with us, and even said himself that “their stuff really comes up good… you really can’t complain.” We were more than happy to assist him, and are eager to see more progress pictures as he fits more and more of our products.

If you’re a developer, renovating your own home, or just looking for a new radiator, check out our range of designer radiators so you can experience our seamless customer journey too!

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