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​Checking your Central Heating Before Winter

Checking your Central Heating Before Winter

Run a preliminary test

You can directly check your central heating system to see if it's working correctly. All you have to do is turn on your heating system for a few hours. Make sure you have your boiler set correctly, and all your thermostats are at maximum. After 10-15 minutes check if the radiators are heating up. If they are not heating up then, it may be ideal to hire an expert and get your system running and ready in advance.

Booking a boiler service

If you find any problem with your boiler system, it's best to book a boiler service to get it checked and fixed beforehand. An annual boiler service can help you reduce your energy bills and help to maintain your boiler's efficiency.


When the temperature drops, many people would already be looking for services related to central heating. Therefore plumbers are more likely to be busy from mid-October onward. In addition, boiler services can also charge you for emergency fees for a last minute call. Overall you are likely to save money and time by being prepared. Purchasing a radiator before winter has it's benefits too. Usually, there is more stock available as suppliers and retailers prepare for the winter months; therefore there are more choices available. Hiring a plumber to install your new radiator will also likely be cheaper due to, as mentioned previously, increased availability in their quieter months. Why not visit ukradiators.com and check out our high-quality range of vertical and horizontal designer radiators to suit all styles. We also offer a large selection of both designer and classic heated towel rails, ideal for bathroom heating solutions. For more information, you can talk to one of our team on 0333 006 8227, or you can visit our website and use our live chat customer service for further assistance.

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