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Low Level Radiators

Low Level Radiators … High Level Performance

Low level radiators are perfect for hallways, the spaces under windows, and any rooms that would benefit from a heating source with a subtle design. Not sure if a short horizontal radiator is right for you? Here’s the low-down (no pun intended). 

Low level radiators have a classy, non-intrusive appearance. If you opt for a low, long model, you can get incredible heat output without using up wall space. Alternatively, a short and thin model is great for those downstairs WC’s. It’s win, win, win, really.

Find a Low Profile Radiator in a Number of Subtle Designs

Here in the UK Radiators HQ, we live and breathe heating solutions, but we appreciate you might want a radiator that fits into your space – and keeps your home toasty – as discreetly as possible. 

Our popular Alpha range includes a number of powerful radiators that keep a low profile, with matt, gloss, and raw lacquered metal finishes available. 

Vertical radiators are increasingly popular in the interior design world, but the horizontal shape will never go out of style. Find the ideal height and fit a new radiator seamlessly into your current layout.

Is a Low Long Radiator Right for Your Room?

Low, long radiators can fit into any room with a reasonable width. They usually have side entry connections and so can be used with Angled, Corner or Straight valves depending on where your pipework is coming from, making placement flexible. 

Before making your purchase, try our new BTU calculator RADSIZER®. We launched this free tool to help you make the most energy-efficient and practical choice for your home. You’re welcome!

Are There Electric Low Level Radiators Available?

We sell a variety of Terma horizontal electric radiators. Find space-saving radiators that give you complete control over the heating of your home.

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