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Horizontal Electric Radiators

Horizontal electric radiators are the perfect heating solution for those who prefer having complete control over the heating. Electric radiators operate independently from the rest of your home’s heating so if you have a room such as an extension or garage that isn't connected to the central heating, they’re the perfect option for banishing the cold. Most models of electric radiators are fitted with thermostatic elements and can be fully switched off so they won’t overheat or leave you with unexpectedly high energy bills. As long as there is an electricity supply nearby, your electric radiator can be installed anywhere in your home.

Why choose horizontal electric radiators?

Horizontal radiators are the most common types of radiators available. But for good reason. They can make use of all that dead space beneath windows while still keeping the room warm. The great thing about deciding to stick with horizontal radiators is that they can be really easy to fit in places that used to have a traditional radiator without needing to replumb or rewire anything.

Choose from between 4 different colours and 2 different finishes that range from classic white and cool grey to some more unusual options such as beige, or copper. You can choose between many different widths to fit your space and they are available in different metals too such as steel and aluminium. UK Radiators’ range of horizontal electric radiators are the perfect way to finish off your home and make it feel warm and cosy all winter long. For even more choice of home heating solutions, check out UK Radiators’s range of electric radiators including vertical electric radiators and much more!

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