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A black horizontal radiator in a room with a neutral palette, full of natural light, wooden beams, Scandi features, and green plants.

A Guide to Curating Your Scandi-Inspired Living Room

Clean Lines

Embrace the essence of simplicity

The hallmark of a Scandi living room is its clean lines and uncluttered appearance. To achieve a minimalist look, go for furnishings that exude simplicity and functionality. Items with sleek profiles and understated elegance offer modernity while allowing natural light to fill the room. 

Vertical panel radiators like the Omeara white double-panel radiator effortlessly align with this aesthetic. The Omeara’s streamlined appearance serves as a reflection of the room's pristine design. 

This white model places a subtle impression on a warm grey wall. Alternatively, go for black or anthracite to embrace the Nordic principle of contrast.

A tall, streamlined, white vertical radiator on a soft grey wall in a Scandi-inspired living room featuring green plants and vertical windows offering plenty of natural light.

Neutral Colour Palettes

Create a canvas of tranquillity

Scandi living rooms are renowned for their neutral colour palettes, which create an open, airy atmosphere. Soft whites, gentle greys, and pastel tones are the hues of choice, providing a serene backdrop for statement design features in contrasting colours. 

A matt flat-panel radiator in a light colour can complement a pastel wall perfectly. Opt for a low-profile horizontal model like the Typhoon Axis to maximise the space beneath a window. This placement also increases heating efficiency as the draft coming in helps to circulate heat throughout the room.

A matt white, horizontal, 2-panel radiator on a soft pink wall in a Scandi-inspired living room, beneath a window. Plants and trendy furniture.

Natural Elements

Invite the outdoors in

Scandi interiors draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape and celebrate the beauty of nature. Why not freshen up your living room with earthy colours and organic elements like pebbles and greenery? We recommend choosing wooden furniture to showcase natural textures. 

Complement your natural furnishings with a raw metal column radiator. The intricate design and robust structure evoke a sense of timeless elegance, and the raw finish looks impressive alongside natural wood tones. It’s the perfect radiator to elevate an outdoorsy aesthetic.

A raw metal column radiator against a pale beige wall in a Scandi-inspired living room featuring wooden shutters and furniture in neutral tones.

Cosy Minimalism

Cut the clutter and take up hygge

At the heart of Scandinavian living is the balance between minimalism and comfort. Achieve this by keeping your overall layout simple and selecting cosy textiles and furnishings that invite relaxation. Chunky knit throws, plush cushions, and soft area rugs will bring the tactile comfort you need for a hygge lifestyle. 

Radiator pipe covers become your allies in this endeavour, helping you to achieve a uniform minimalist look. By purchasing pipe sleeves with the exact same finish as your radiator, like the Talus anthracite pipe covers pictured, you reduce busyness and allow those cosy soft furnishings to have their moment.

An anthracite grey flat panel radiator with perfectly matching pipe covers in a minimalist room.

How to Embrace Nordic Warmth

A Scandi-inspired living room offers the perfect blend of modernity and natural warmth. As you embark on your interior design journey, embrace the clean lines, neutral hues, natural elements, and cosy minimalism that define Scandinavian design. 

Each aspect of your curated space should resonate with the tranquillity of Nordic living. With efficient radiators that seamlessly align with the Scandi aesthetic, your living room will be a testament to the core principles of functionality and style.

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