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Five Column Radiator Styles For Your Home

Five Column Radiator Styles For Your Home

When designing your home, it’s important to consider every piece of furniture you need. This includes essential functions, such as what radiators you might need. Whilst radiators are mostly a practical purchase, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. 

Depending on your choice of interior, there are a few radiator options you can choose from. And if your home has more of a traditional, timeless feel, a column radiator may be the right choice for you.  

But if you feel spoiled for choice and aren’t sure which one would look best in your home, we’ve compiled five types that could be the right fit for you. Learn what look will suit your home the best, and which size you need in our blog. 

If you'd like a little more guidance before making a purchase, please get in touch with our expert team here.

Classic white 

White is a classic option for many people choosing new furniture for their home. It might seem boring, but when introduced to a modern interior correctly, it can bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your home. 

When it comes to radiators, a classic white finish is a common choice for those decorating their home. One of its benefits is that it can blend into the background and allow other focal points of your home to take centre stage. Not to mention, white radiators can provide the illusion of a bigger space in smaller rooms. 

Sleek black 

For those with a monochrome aesthetic to their home, a sleek black radiator can be a great addition to your existing theme. They can be paired with neutral walls to create a stark contrast, or even with black walls to present a chic, sophisticated look. 

Black radiators are also a great option for those seeking low-maintenance cleaning. So if you have a big family with small children, you can spend less time worrying about the likelihood of radiator stains occurring.


If you’re not already aware of anthracite, it’s hard and black coal that has a similar appearance to metal - but is less reflective in appearance. 

Because of its design, anthracite has a mesmerising appeal that can captivate any visitor in your home. 

Its understated glimmers of silver complements any wall design - especially neutral colours and darker shades. If you’re looking for a subtle colour other than white, anthracite radiators might be the choice for you. 

Raw metal finishes 

If your home has an industrial interior, radiators with a raw metal finish might be the best way to further reinforce your aesthetic. Offering a rustic feel to any home, raw metal radiators can act as a statement next to subtle colours. But they can also blend in with a vibrant, modern interior.

In terms of practicality, it can be the most efficient way to heat your home as steel conducts heat easily. However, the chances of rust occurring as a result of water damage are higher.  At UK Radiators, our raw metal column radiators are lacquered to prevent this issue from occurring.

Bright colours

Bright colours in your home can transform an otherwise understated interior. If you’re looking for a radiator that stands out instead of blending in, a brightly coloured one might be the way to go. 

For example, if you have a neutral-coloured wall - a bright-coloured radiator can present a stark contrast. Whilst a simple act, overall, a radiator in a bright colour like green or red can add a pop of colour and breathe life into a room once more.

Do you need a two or three-column radiator?

Whether or not you need a two or three-column radiator depends on the room you're installing your radiator in, and your available wall space. In a smaller room, a two-column radiator will be enough to heat the space while remaining energy efficient.  

However, if you live in a colder climate, or have a bigger room, a three-column radiator will have a better chance of heating your space and keeping you warm.

Do column radiators take longer to heat up?

Yes, column radiators can take longer to heat up due to the material they’re made of - typically cast iron. But, once warm, they have an efficient heating power. They’re able to keep big and small rooms toasty because of the large surface area they have. 

At UK Radiators, our column radiators are made of steel - a good conductor of heat.  When you purchase and install a column radiator from us, you can be sure your home will be heated efficiently. 

How do you clean column radiators?

Vertical and horizontal column radiators need regular cleaning. To do so, brush or hoover the surface dust off, then use a kitchen utensil wrapped in a cloth to reach the spaces between the columns. Wipe all other surfaces until all the dirt has been dislodged. Cleaning helps your house look neat, but it can avoid dirt impacting the efficiency of your heating system. 

Keep Your Radiators Running Like New With UK Radiators

At UK Radiators, it’s our mission to help you get the best from your household heating systems. To get in touch with our friendly team, give us a call on 0333 006 8227, or send your enquiry to sales@ukradiators.com.

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