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An anthracite radiator sits in a nook beneath a wood panel with storage behind.

Radiator Nooks: Transforming Awkward Spaces into Features

Radiators Beneath Cabinets

One ingenious way to maximise wall space is to place radiators beneath cabinets. By placing a sleek column or panel radiator within your storage framework, you can save space and create a chic niche in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. 

For extra sophistication, consider adding framing woodwork around the radiator, effectively turning it into an elegant built-in feature. The woodwork can match the cabinet design to create a harmonious and cohesive look.

UK Radiators customer Lee did just this with his Omeara black horizontal radiator, and the result is incredibly classy.

An Omeara black horizontal radiator from UK radiators sits within framing white woodwork beneath white cabinets.

Photo Credit: Lee Barker

Radiators Between Feature Walls

Installing a stylish radiator can be a great way to separate two sections of a room, especially when you’re dealing with a challenging layout. Bathrooms are notorious for having awkward corners. With a bit of creativity, though, these spaces can be transformed into stunning design elements. 

In the example below, we love how the Aston stainless steel heated towel rail fits perfectly into the bathroom’s alcove. It breaks up the tiled bath area from the patterned sink space, giving the room more dimension and offering even heat distribution.

An Aston stainless steel heated towel rail is mounted to a white wall between a green tiled area with a bathtub and a turquoise wall with a sink space.

Radiators Beneath Shelves

Create a cosy corner in your home by placing a beautifully designed radiator beneath a floating shelf adorned with lush hanging plants. This charming setup not only maximises an otherwise unused nook but also adds a touch of nature to your interior space. 

Opt for a wall-mounted radiator with a timeless design that complements the surrounding decor. The juxtaposition of an industrial radiator and organic greenery is guaranteed to captivate the eye.

A raw metal column radiator mounted on a teal wall beneath a raw wood shelf holding a hanging plant and toiletries.

Photo Credit: @restoring_the_edwardian

We love how UK Radiators customer Kellie achieved this look with a raw metal column radiator and a natural dark wood shelf. The green plants complement the teal wall to make this a warm and welcoming nook in Kellie’s home.

Towel Rails as Functional Art

Towel radiators have come into their own in the past decade. Once simple structures, they are now available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and finishes, making them versatile design elements as well as a convenient heating choice for your bathroom.

An edgy industrial style Ribbon towel rail mounted on a wall beside a console table holding green plants.

You could even consider placing a striking towel radiator like the Ribbon towel rail in a hallway or bedroom. By mounting it on a feature wall or in an alcove, you create an unexpected and captivating focal point. The radiator adds warmth to the space but also serves as a functional art piece. 

Contemporary radiator design is increasingly prioritising form as well as function. With creative placement, you can express your personal style through one of the most essential practical appliances in your home.

Think Outside the Box and Heat Up Your Interior Design Game

Acclaimed Designer John Maeda says, ‘Design is a solution to a problem.’ With modern radiators exhibiting sharp and practical designs, it’s easier than ever to turn overlooked nooks and crannies into functional works of art. All it takes is a dash of creativity.

From integrating radiators beneath cabinets with framing woodwork to using them as focal points between feature walls, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Feeling inspired? Check out our full range of designer radiators and find the perfect fit for your nook or cranny.

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