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A black vertical radiator against a grey wall in an industrial-style kitchen with dark cabinets and tile floors.

The Role of Radiators in Industrial Interior Design

Why Your Radiator is a Key Component of Your Industrial Home Decor

Industrial interior design has been popular for many years now, and that’s not about to change. Whether you’re flipping a converted warehouse or updating a modern home, it’s easier than ever to master industrial chic.

Once you’ve finished knocking down walls and peeling back carpet to see what lies beneath, you’ll want to make sure every detail of your space contributes to the aesthetic. 

One crucial element is your radiators! In addition to keeping your home warm no matter how high the ceilings are, the right radiator can create an authentic industrial atmosphere.


An infographic shows the title ‘The Role of Radiators in Industrial Interior Design’ over an image of a warehouse-style living room. Tabs recommend choosing raw materials, favouring dark colours, and exploring unexpected shapes. Below are images of a raw metal column radiator, an anthracite towel rail, and a black double-panel radiator.

Choosing a Radiator for Your Industrial Home Renovation

By looking for raw materials, dark colours, and unexpected shapes, you can find a radiator that pushes your kitchen or living room’s interior design to industrial heights. Just make sure you’ve got a high heat output for those edgy, open-plan spaces.

Remember that in industrial interior design, every element should serve a purpose, and radiators are no exception. Cut back on artwork and let your functional items express your style.

Raw Metal Industrial Radiators

Our raw metal radiators are loved for their exposed metal construction and classic column design. Their rugged yet sophisticated charm can imbue any space with the essence of industrial chic. 

For home renovations in kitchens and living spaces, a steel column radiator promises efficient heating in addition to urban elegance. We have vertical and horizontal models with 2, 3 or 4 columns so you can find the right model for your space and required heat output.

An industrial-style home office with natural wood flooring and window frames holds a raw metal column radiator.


Electric Designer Industrial Radiators

Modern radiators can fit perfectly into an industrial space. It's all about the choice of finish. If you’re looking for an electric radiator or towel rail, you can still find an option that maximises your room’s industrial appeal. 

For home renovations in bathrooms and cloakrooms, the designer Ribbon range has some stunning options. The collection includes fin tube towel rails, single and double panel horizontal radiators, and vertical models with a copper, black or grey finish. An edgy industrial bathroom is at your fingertips.

Ready to get designing? 

View our timeless collection of raw metal column radiators or take a look at some edgy electric options in the Ribbon range. 

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