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How To Clean White Radiators

How To Clean White Radiators

Dusty, dirty radiators don’t just look unkempt, they can also drastically affect the efficiency of your heating. Aside from the dust clogging up the fins though, other problems such as rust and general grime can severely impact how well your radiators work and look. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to clean your radiators so read on to learn how to make radiators white again and how to clean towel radiators. It is important to check your manufacturer warranty, if it is still in effect, to ensure you do not void this when cleaning your radiator

Some useful tools you may need

  • Cleaning cloths
  • Spray cleaners
  • White vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Dusters and dust sheets
  • Radiator cleaner brush - a long, wide pipe cleaner style brush used for getting between radiator fins
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dustpan and brush

How to clean column radiators

The first step to cleaning your white column radiators is to turn them off. Cold radiators will be easier to clean than warm ones so plan accordingly. You may want to lay a dust sheet or towel beneath the radiator to catch any debris and stop it from making the floor dirty. Next, break out the vacuum cleaner and hoover between all of the columns as well as down the back of the unit - the long, narrow nozzle attachment will make this easier. The next step is to clean between the columns with a radiator brush. You can buy these or make your own by wrapping a microfibre cloth around a metre stick. Get between all the upright columns and behind them to catch as much dust as possible. Finally, fill a bowl with warm water and give the whole radiator a wipe down, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies as well as the surrounding pipes. Wipe down again with a clean, damp cloth and let dry before stepping back and admiring your nice clean radiators. Top tip: If you have spots of rust or limescale on your radiators, check out How to Stop Radiators From Rusting and Corroding to learn how to clean it and how to prevent it from coming back.

How to clean designer radiators

The method of cleaning white designer radiators is similar to column radiators but there are some differences.   Cleaning Radiators With Brush   You’ll want to make sure you get between any tubes on the radiator with your radiator brush. The space between the panels is often narrower than with column radiators so you’ll need to be extra careful when hoovering and clean to ensure you don’t scratch it.

How to clean towel rails

Make sure the radiator is switched off and is cool before you clean it and follow the same steps as above, using a soft cloth and warm water to clean between the rungs.   Soft Cloth for Cleaning Towel Rails   Whether they are electric towel rails or they’re connected to the central heating system, rust is a common problem and annoyance of heated towel radiators. Rust builds up after time due to the heat generated by the electric bars warming up the towels placed on it. As this happens, the bars between and underneath begin to rust because of the moisture from the towels. If rust is a particular concern for your towel rails, make sure you learn how to stop radiators from rusting and corroding with our helpful tips and tricks over on our blog.

General upkeep

Making sure you regularly dust and clean your radiators is a great way to keep them white and ensure the need for deep cleaning is kept to a minimum. Every week, dust the tops of your radiators and clean out the fins behind as best you can. If needed, wipe down the panels with a damp cloth as well as you will find you won’t have to perform a deep clean very often at all. Good upkeep is the key to healthy, happy radiators.

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