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How to Hang a Radiator

How to Hang a Radiator

So you’ve chosen a new heating unit but need to know how to hang a radiator to affix it to your wall safely. Not to worry - UK Radiators’ team of heating experts are here to break the process down into easy-to-follow steps. 

Simply follow this guide to learn how to hang a radiator so that it mounts to the radiator brackets and hangs straight on your wall without a hitch. Start by consulting our list of what you need to hang a central heating radiator and make sure that you’re wearing protective clothing. 

Let’s get to it.

What Do You Need to Hang a Radiator?

Here’s the kit list of things you’ll need in order to hang a new radiator:

  • Radiator of your choice
  • Radiator valves
  • Screwdriver 
  • Drill with masonry drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level 
  • Pencil
  • Rawl plugs and masonry screws

You may also wish to wear knee pads to protect yourself from working on the floor.

How to Hang a Radiator in Simple Steps

In an ideal world, if you’re replacing your radiator you would purchase a new one in exactly the same size as your old unit and simply put the new brackets in the same place as the old ones. This eliminates the need for measuring - the trickiest part of the job. 

However, this isn’t always possible or the case. So, when you need to hang a new radiator, consider this your complete how-to guide.

Start with:

  • Your kit assembled
  • Central heating turned off
  • Valves isolated 
  • The old radiator removed 

Then, follow these steps to learn how to install radiator brackets and hang your unit.

Step 1 - Measure For Your Radiator Brackets

Measuring precisely is the key to how to hang a radiator correctly the first time and can be broken down into several steps to get it right.

Draw a Centre Line

Find where the centre point should be by measuring the wall between the two radiator floor pipes and finding the precise halfway number. Mark this on the wall with a small pencil mark. 

Then take your spirit level and stand it vertically against the wall against the marking you made. Ensure the spirit bubble is perfectly level. You can now draw a vertical line to mark the centre line that runs along the centre point of the radiator. This tells you where the exact middle of the radiator should hang.

Determine where the bottom of the radiator should hang

The bottom of the radiator should hang so that the radiator valve outlets can attach to the radiator and water pipe. This is usually several inches above the floor level. 

Measure how high the water pipe stands and then measure the same height on the wall. Mark a pencil mark here, then use a spirit level to draw a straight horizontal line across. This determines where the bottom of the radiator should hang.  

Measure the Bracket Height on the Radiator

In order to determine how high the radiator should be hung, you need to know where to drill your pilot hole for the screws on the wall that will hang the bracket. You do this by measuring a) how far from the bottom of the radiator the holes for the screws are, and b) how far from the side of the radiator the holes are.

With these measurements, you should be able to pinpoint where the pilot holes need to be by following the same method as before and marking the point on the wall using a spirit level and pencil. The centre line and bottom line are your guides.

E.g. If the length of the radiator is 60cm, you know it is 30 cm from the centre line to the edge. If the bracket holes are 10cm from the edge of the radiator, then you know to measure the hole 20cm out from the centre line using the spirit level.

Step 2 - Hang Your Radiator 

Now, you should have markings that determine exactly where the pilot holes should be drilled in order for the brackets to be fixed in the right position. 

Check Your Pilot Holes

Double-check your pilot holes are in the right position by holding the radiator against the wall with the bracket holes aligned to your markings. If this looks flush to where the radiator valves should be, you can proceed with drilling. If not, re-measure each point again. 

Drill Pilot Holes & Screw the Bracket in Place

Drill your pilot holes and insert rawlplugs. These plugs expand when inserted into the wall and allow a greater grip on the masonry screws. Use the drill to insert the brackets into the rawlplug holes.

Hang Your Radiator

Now, all that is left is to hang your radiator! The radiator will rest on the cutout section of the bracket. 

Your FAQs about Radiator Brackets Answered

Now that we’ve tackled the basics of how to install radiator brackets, here are some answers to the common FAQs that pop up around the subject.

Do radiators come with brackets?

All UK Radiators’ radiators and towel rails are supplied with brackets and masonry fixings as standard. That way, you can get your new heating unit up and running with minimum hassle.

How do you replace a radiator bracket?

If you need to replace the bracket of an existing radiator, perhaps due to damage, it’s simple to do. Follow the process to replace a radiator by turning off the central heating, isolating the radiator valves and removing the radiator. Take care to let your radiator fully cool down before you attempt to remove it. 

Once you have your radiator off the wall, unscrew the bracket from the back of the radiator. These are most often held on by screws that are removable with a screwdriver. Screw the new bracket on and rehang and reconnect the radiator. 

Are radiator brackets universal?

All of our radiators come with the brackets and masonry fixings needed to get right to installing it once it arrives. Radiator bracket types can differ slightly depending on the type and size of radiator however there are universal brackets that are compatible with most radiators. 

Are You Replacing Your Radiator? UK Radiators Can Help

Here at UK Radiators, we’re all about helping you reduce heat loss in your home. Find guides and tips to keep your radiator in top shape, browse our selection of central heating radiators or get in touch if you’d like one of the team to answer a query. Call us on 0333 006 8227, or send your enquiry to sales@ukradiators.com and we'll be in touch.

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