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Our Pick of Designer Radiators For Living Rooms

Our Pick of Designer Radiators For Living Rooms

So you’ve decided to redecorate your living room. You’ve picked out the paint, finished choosing furniture, and you’re stocked up on all of the redecorating essentials. The next thing to think about is choosing your new radiators. You may have decided that the current ones don’t fit in with your overall vision or perhaps they’re just too old and rusty to serve their purpose. Whatever your motivations, UK Radiators has the best selection of designer radiators to suit any decor style. Designer radiators are a relatively new kid on the block in the heating world. A wave of oh-so-stylish, modern radiators in a cold, colourless sea of old-fashioned white rads. Browse through our top picks of designer radiators for living rooms and find the perfect radiators for your new lounge.

When to replace your radiators

Before you begin the decorating process, you’ll want to remove the radiators from the walls and replace them once you’re finished painting the walls or putting up wallpaper. You can leave them up but it makes painting and wallpapering a much more fiddly task and if you’re replacing them anyway, you may as well remove them before you begin. We have a variety of tutorials on our Advice Centre all about how to turn radiators off and how to remove radiators for decorating to help you do this. If you’re not confident removing radiators yourself though, make sure you call your plumber to get the job done for you.]

Our top radiator picks

From modern living room radiators to more contemporary designs, choosing the right designer radiators for your living room can be a tricky task. Read on to check out our top picks for the best designer radiators and feel inspired for your new home decor.  

Typhoon Anthracite Double Panel Vertical Radiator H1600mm x W340mm

  Typhoon - Anthracite Vertical Radiator H1600mm x W340mm Double Panel

Striking, bold and a great feature in any ultra-modern space, the Typhoon Anthracite vertical radiator is a wonderfully sleek statement piece that’s also infinitely practical. The greater surface area and larger tubes of this modern radiator offers super-efficient functionality and delivers a much greater heat output than other radiators with smaller tubes. This statement radiator is made from powder painted steel which gives the metal a perfectly even finish. It’s easy to maintain and clean and delivers a good level of heat distribution. And because it’s narrow, it can be installed in what would otherwise be 'dead space', making it an interior designer's dream. The perfect choice for any contemporary home or smart business.      

Typhoon White Double Panel Horizontal Radiator H600mm x W544m

  Typhoon - White Horizontal Radiator H600mm x W544mm Double Panel

Combining the elegance of a powder painted white 'retro' design with the ultra-elegance of on-trend 'urban' styling, the Typhoon White Horizontal steel radiator is a modern classic. This sophisticated style is ideal for contemporary homes with a sublime, understated look that ticks all the right style boxes, while still being functional. A simple, clean and very urban design, this radiator looks particularly good as a feature in open-plan living spaces and kitchens. The powder-coated finish is perfectly even and looks gorgeous with the simple wipe of a cloth. Because of the steel construction and the fact that it uses 60mm x 15mm tubes, this super-slick radiator is also super-efficient when it comes to radiating heat into your home. Thicker tubes make a stylish, striking addition to any space, making the Typhoon White Horizontal radiator the ideal choice for style-conscious businesses and homeowners.    

Omeara Anthracite Double Panel Horizontal Radiator H464mm x W1600mm

  Omeara - Anthracite Horizontal Radiator H464mm x W1600mm Double Panel

With its combination of sleek good looks and on-trend anthracite powder coating finish, the Omeara Horizontal radiator is a stunning addition to your home. Whether you're upgrading your radiators or installing a brand new system, this radiator is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to bring functionality and style into your home. Manufactured from high-performance steel, your new horizontal radiator offers high heat output, ideal for heating any room in the house. Robust and durable, steel has excellent thermal conductivity and durability, making it ideal for every home and office. The horizontal design is perfect for using up dead space such as under low windows and along long hallways, keeping you cosy and warm without encroaching on your space.        

Thetford Black Vertical Radiator H1800mm x W466mm

  Thetford - Black Vertical Radiator H1800mm x W466mm Grooved

The cool sophistication of this ultra-modern Thetford design perfectly combines a striking black style with amazing functionality to give you a radiator that can go from being completely unobtrusive to a key design feature in any space. The narrow, vertical, and slimline design means you can utilise any awkward 'dead space' effectively, creating an interesting focal point in your living room that's as functional as it is decorative. Black offers your home a stylish colour theme that creates a striking, welcoming feel to any space. Lightweight but sturdy aluminium makes this radiator robust and tough enough to handle everyday use and withstand light bumps and knocks. The Thetford radiator boasts a grooved surface which serves as more than just an aesthetic design. The grooves increase the surface area of the radiator and act just like traditional fins do, improving heat output so you can stay toasty and keep your home looking stylish.    


Still not found what you’re looking for?

If you need extra help, assistance, or answers to questions with your home heating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at UK Radiators HQ. We’re happy to help with any queries or questions you may have and help you to find the perfect radiator for your home.

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