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UK Radiators' Guide To Mirror Radiators

UK Radiators' Guide To Mirror Radiators

When it comes to interior design, designer radiators are paving the way for setting trends. Even with all the styles and models to choose from, mirror designer radiators are fast becoming a popular choice among homeowners. So what makes designer mirror radiators different from other designs, and why are they worth purchasing?

They're Multifunctional

Mirror radiators have a great multifunctional feature about them, as they’re able to effectively heat your room, whilst also being a stylish feature to either your hallway, bedroom or bathroom. Even when they’re not switched on, they are still incredibly useful when it comes to helping you get ready for your day ahead!

Mirror Radiators Bring More Light Into Your Home

Unfortunately, some rooms in your home aren’t always blessed with natural light. However, by installing a mirror radiator, the reflective finish allows light to reflect back into the room which is especially handy in bathrooms or living rooms. Plus, it helps give your room the illusion of looking bigger and cosier as a result!

Mirror Radiators Save Space

Another great aspect of having a mirror radiator is that its vertical shape allows you to save more space on your walls. This can be helpful in small and tight spaces, such as bathrooms, allowing you to fit more objects and fixtures into your space. So, if you’re considering installing a mirror radiator, at UK Radiators we stock an exceptional range of sophisticated radiators to suit your decor style. Here’s a guide to our favourite mirror radiators we stock.

Terma White Rolo-Mirror

An image of white mirror radiator The sleek and smooth textured Terma White Rolo-Mirror radiator is a perfect addition to any hallway, bedroom, bathroom or even dressing room!  It features large, chunky 40mm diameter bars that offer a high heat output. They are super versatile as they come with the option of being positioned on either the side or underside of the valve entry - which is ideal if you’re limited on space.

Terma Black Mirror Radiator

An image of a black mirror radiator If a monochrome or dark colour scheme is more of your vibe, then this Terma Black Mirror Radiator is what you’re looking for. With a matt and rough textured finish, it gives a dramatic and striking appearance that will certainly catch your visitors’ attention!

Terma Copper Mirror Radiator

An image of a copper mirror radiator   Bring extra warmth to dark rooms by installing a modern Terma Copper Mirror Radiator. Their metallic, smooth texture really helps give an industrial feel to your space and can also be complemented with additional matching valves and plugs to complete the look! If you’re inspired to freshen up your space with a contemporary designer fixture, then take a look at our eclectic range of mirror radiators.

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