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The UK’s Dream Home

The UK’s Dream Home

There’s nothing quite like finding your perfect home. The terms ‘dream house’ and ‘dream home’ receive over 11,000 monthly searches on average so as a nation, we aren’t afraid to dream big for what our future abodes may look like. Unfortunately though, over half (58%) of Brits don’t think they’ll ever get their dream home. However, 29% of men believe that they will, compared to only 17% of women. Are men more hopeful? Or do women have more requirements that constitute their dream home? We decided to run a UK-wide survey to look a little closer and find out what Britain’s dream home looks like.  

Britain’s dream home

After looking at the total data that we collected, what does the ideal home of the average Briton look like?   Britains Ideal Home - Front Britain's Ideal Home Back   According to the data, the UK’s dream home is a modest 4-bed country home in the South West of England (12.6%). A country home was the most popular type of home with 16% of people choosing it over other types of home, possibly preferring the peace, quiet, and safety that smaller towns or villages offer. 34% of the population also said they’d prefer 4 bedrooms while only 9% want 6 or more bedrooms.  Additionally, those between the ages of 55 and 64 were most likely to choose a country home over the 21% of 18-24s who prefer a villa - possibly inspired by celebrities like Kendall Jenner who lives in a luxurious villa-style home?  Following the South West, England’s West Midlands and South East were both the second most popular options (10% each) and over half (55.8%) of Brits would prefer for their dream home to still be in the UK or, in the words of one respondent, “I think I'm in it [dream home location] now”.  

Dreamy Interior Features

So what features do Brits most want to see in their dream home? From the results, it looks as though they are more focused on practicality and functionality over the luxuries you’d probably expect people to reel off when talking about a dream home. Functional aspects such as utility and laundry rooms, pantries, and offices come out on top, highlighting the need for homes to be large enough to comfortably live and work in with many of us continuing to work from home. More luxurious additions such as an indoor pool or cinema room were the lowest on the top 10 list. The juxtaposition of the different dreamy ideals probably indicates that the latter two are more wishful thinking - but we can dream!

Top 10 interior features:

  1. Utility/laundry room - 43%
  2. Walk-in wardrobe - 41%
  3. Kitchen island - 37%
  4. Underfloor heating - 36%
  5. Fireplaces/Log burners - 34%
  6. Pantry- 30%
  7. Real wood flooring - 30%
  8. Indoor pool - 29%
  9. Office - 27%
  10. Cinema room - 26%
In terms of the age split, those aged 55-64 are the ones most likely to want a laundry room - 64% versus the 16% of 18-24 year-olds who want the same. This older age group are also the most likely group to want a walk-in wardrobe (53%) whereas those aged 35-44 are the ones most likely to want an indoor pool in their dream home. Additionally, and perhaps surprising to some, men and women want mostly the same features in their dream homes - but with a few big differences. Women tend to want more practical additions to their home like a pantry and lean more towards traditionally ‘feminine’ luxuries such as a freestanding bath whereas men are all about their “boy toys” with additions like a dedicated games room and cinema room.  
Top 10 for males   Top 10 for females 
 Utility/laundry room - 37%  Utility/laundry room - 49%
 Walk-in wardrobe - 33%  Walk-in wardrobe - 49%
 Kitchen island - 33%  Kitchen island - 40%
 Underfloor heating - 33%  Fireplaces/log burner - 39%
 Fireplaces/log burner - 29%  Underfloor heating - 38%
 Games room - 29%   Pantry - 36% 
 Office - 28%  Real wood flooring - 33%
 Cinema room - 28%   Indoor pool - 31%
 Home library - 27%  Freestanding bath - 28% 
 Indoor pool - 26%  Office - 27%

Exciting Exterior Features

When it comes to exterior features, the top 10 tie in perfectly with the dream country home we revealed earlier, with more than half of people dreaming of a garden and over 40% hoping for a garage. The trends continue to sway towards the practical with features such as vegetable patches, greenhouses, and long driveways being among some of the most coveted.
  1. Garden - 53%
  2. Garage - 42%
  3. Patio - 38%
  4. Summer house - 36%
  5. Conservatory - 33%
  6. Balcony - 31%
  7. Vegetable patch - 31%
  8. Greenhouse - 30%
  9. Long driveway - 30%
  10. Porch - 26%

Don’t forget your surroundings

The area in which you live is just as, if not, more important than what your house looks like and the luxury features it contains. For 39% of Brits, their home feeling safe and secure was the most important factor. Other things such as the property being private (25%), being spacious (18%), and containing environmentally conscious features (14%) were less sought-after but still considered important by many. Safety and security was the most important concern for women, with almost half (45%) saying that it was a big consideration, compared to 32% of men.   Top 5 Amenities   Other than safety, local amenities are also important factors to consider. Many people want these amenities within a 20-minute walk of their home. The top five are:
  1. Supermarket - 43%
  2. Local park - 43%
  3. Pub - 39%
  4. Post office - 38%
  5. Coffee shop - 36%
Ideal Neighbours   When it comes to neighbours it appears that Brits live by ‘the further the better’ with the majority (22%) saying they want their neighbours to be 21+ metres away from their home - that is the equivalent to two and a half London buses! 21% said they would want their neighbours to live 11-15 metres away and 17% said they don’t want any neighbours at all. The difference in age gaps is interesting again as 23% of those aged 55-64 don't want any neighbours compared to only 4% of those ages 18-24.  

Dream homes don't come cheap!

We asked Brits how much they would be willing to pay for their dream home if money was no object. Interestingly, despite having the option to choose a £10M+ property, almost a quarter (24%) of Brits would only be willing to pay up to £1M for their dream home while a further 21% of Brits would be happy to pay up to £3M.   Britain's Home Spending   30% of 18-24 year olds would be willing to spend up to £3M on their dream home - more than any other age group. 24% of men would also be willing to pay up to £3M for their dream home whereas a quarter (25%) of women would be willing to pay up to £1M for their dream home. But how much would Britain’s dream home actually cost? Detached properties in the South West of England sold on average for £501,110 according to Rightmove.  The dreamed 4-bed country home would then likely require a deposit of at least £50,000 and a yearly income of £100,000 to pay off. But, as Jonathan Rolande, Property expert at House Buy Fast points out, “most people trade up slowly, making a little money on each move and gradually get to the point where they have their ideal home. In my experience this will usually take someone jumping on the property ladder in their late 20’s and the process will take around 20 years.” So hope is not lost. As of the 16th of May 2022, there are currently 5,590 detached houses for sale on Rightmove in the South West. However, less than half meet the “dream home” criteria, with only 2,679 detached homes being sold under £1M boasting at least 4 beds, a parking space and a garden. More than half of Brits want to own their dream home with their partner or spouse (a much more likely reality with two incomes rather than just one) compared to the 18% who would like to own their dream home alone while those aged 18-24 are the most likely to want to buy their dream home with a friend rather than a partner.  

How to incorporate Britain’s top five dream interior styles into your home

When looking for your dream home it can be tricky to find a property that ticks everything on your list. Luckily, when it comes to interior style, this is something you can change to your liking while still keeping its most desirable features. A simple lick of paint, some decor styling, and maybe a few small DIY jobs can completely revamp your home into whatever style you desire. When asked what style they would like to decorate their dream home with, Brits revealed the following as the top 5 interior styles:
  1. Farmhouse - 14%
  2. Contemporary - 14%
  3. Minimalist - 13%
  4. Mid Century Modern - 6%
  5. Scandi - 6%
Our interiors expert, Amber Dines has shared her tips for incorporating each of these five interior styles into your very own dream home.


The first step to styling your home in the farmhouse style is to opt for a palette of neutral tones. Wood shades, creams, and whites work really well with this style of decor so try to incorporate it where possible. Natural wood or stone floors also work really well and column radiators offer your home warmth while still feeling traditional.


Contemporary homes feature strong lines and bold shapes, often mixing and matching textures to achieve detail without adding too much colour. Opt for a cohesive colour scheme such as navy, black, and gold, or blush pink, beige, and white and stick to it as much as possible. Pair with designer radiators for a sleek, smooth heating solution to match your decor.


Minimalism is a decor style and way of life that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. It typically features pared-back colour palettes (usually white) and simple furniture without any clutter or too many personal items where the bare essentials play equally important roles. Horizontal designer radiators in white, black, or grey make the perfect additions to a minimalist decor.

Mid Century Modern

Mid-century modern decor takes inspiration from the middle of the 20th century (1930 - 1995). The designs are known for juxtaposing sleek lines (like skinny, peg legs on dressers and tables) with organic shapes, using new materials and methods to reimagine traditional pieces. The looks are also futuristic-looking, but they aren't a total departure from the past. Geometric shapes, warm wood tones, and vintage-style furniture work with this style perfectly. Copper radiators are ideal for mid-century style homes as they bring both visual and literal warmth into the space.


Scandi (short for Scandinavian) interior design is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures and soft hues to make sleek, modern decor feel warm and inviting. It emphasizes clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings that are functional, beautiful, and cosy. Column radiators are the perfect way to get snuggly on a winter evening and are the embodiment of ‘hygge’ (a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness).  


We conducted a nationally representative survey amongst 1000 UK adults to find out what their dream home might look like. We asked questions about the appearance and aesthetics of their dream home as well as the location, how much they would be willing to pay, the amenities they would like close by, whether or not they thought they would ever get their dream home and more.

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