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5 Reasons to try Designer Radiators

5 Reasons to try Designer Radiators

Designer radiators are a piece of homeware once thought only worthy of the rich and famous. But with the recent developments in the world of radiator design, and companies like us at UK Radiators, designer radiators are now accessible to all homes.  When it comes to choosing radiators for your home, designer radiators are a great option for many different reasons. In fact, let’s look at a few reasons why you should try designer radiators:
  • They’re stylish and effortlessly blend into your home decor
  • They offer impressive heating performance 
  • They’re not as expensive as you think
Designer radiators truly are a winning choice for any home, with options for every room of your house to keep your style consistent and toes warm! So without further ado, let’s get into our 5 reasons you need to give designer radiators a try.

Designer radiators won’t ruin your home decor

One of the best things about designer radiators is how they look. Radiators have long been known as unattractive, garish pieces of homeware that can stick out like sore thumbs in a room. And we have to admit, there’s nothing more frustrating than carefully honing your home’s decor style only to have it interrupted by an old-fashioned rad in the centre of your wall. Luckily, designer radiators are here to make all your interior design dreams come true. Forget trying to spruce up your radiator to fit in with your theme by painting it, or even worse, turning to radiator covers (trust us, it’s a bad move). With designer radiators you can enjoy consistent design across your whole room, whether it’s an industrial look, effortlessly modern or vintage chic.    Illustration of a home office with a black radiator on a yellow background   Here at UK Radiators, we stock a range of different sizes, styles, colours and finishes, so no matter your home decor style, there’s a designer radiator perfect for your space. From white designer radiators, to matte finishes in on-trend hues such as anthracite and vertical designer radiators - we’ve got them all.

They won’t break the bank

We bet you never thought you’d read the phrase cheap designer radiators anywhere, right? Well, think again. When you hear the name ‘designer radiators’ it’s natural to think that they’ll cost an arm and a leg, but you can keep your limbs intact here.  Despite what you might initially think about designer radiators, they’re not actually that expensive - well not here at UK Radiators at least, thanks to our bespoke manufacturing process that produces high quality products at affordable prices. We think everyone should be able to benefit from these beauties, which is why we offer unbeatable prices for our customers, even on the poshest looking rads. 

Designer radiators are energy efficient

What’s better than a radiator that looks good, we hear you ask? A radiator that saves you money too! Thanks to the latest in radiator design and heating technology, designer radiators are equipped with ultra-efficient performance that can save you money on your heating bills over time.  There are a few different factors that can impact this, one being the material of the radiator used. This can mean that less water is heated by the system in place but provides a higher heat output. One example of this is the super conductive Aluminium radiators which conduct heat out of the radiator and into your home much more efficiently than other materials, resulting in your desired room temperature being met quicker and either your Thermostatic radiator valve turning off sooner, or the main thermostat temperature being met sooner. Both of these will result in better boiler efficiency and energy savings, which means more money being saved on your heating bills. Steel also holds similar benefits when compared to Cast Iron counterparts. You may have come across statements about Aluminium and Steel rads online that claim that the fact that they provide “quick blast of heat” is a bad thing, but we don’t agree. Let’s consider what a radiator is for; its job is to get the heat from the water inside into your room and home, and it is your home's job to retain the heat. And if a radiator is storing heat, then it is not heating you.  Designer radiators also boast the advantage of being made in different shapes and from different materials, which gives more control over the surface area to volume ratio of the radiator for the space it occupies in the home. This is what we consider to be the conductive area. What this means is that the design can allow for less water to be required whilst producing more heat via a greater surface area and more conductive materials - a win-win heating scenario!  The other significant benefit of these materials and designs is the quicker heat up time when compared to more traditional materials like cast iron. With other materials, we can actually adjust our heating schedules on our boiler to be closer to the times we actually require heat. We often set our heating to come on quite a bit before we need it, say an hour or so before coming home from work, which may be good advice for cast iron radiators. However, steel and aluminium rads can be set to come on a lot closer to the time we need it (although a bit of trial and error is required to find the sweet spot and is material dependent). And the benefits don’t end there. Despite the seemingly negative statements around steel and aluminium “producing a quick blast of heat and cooling down quickly”, the reality is that we can have more energy-efficient heating periods and, if required, longer heating periods whilst still getting savings from our heating bills. In fact, traditional materials like cast iron were, incidentally, introduced in the 1800s, not for their efficiency, but rather the reduced cost to manufacture at the time.  Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that designer radiators are not only affordable, but we can get all of the benefits without compromising on space, design and our own personal design tastes as we may need to do with traditional radiators and materials.

Express your own personal style with designer radiators

We believe that every piece of homeware in your space is crucial in creating the ideal atmosphere in your home. Whether that’s warm and inviting, edgy or colourful and stimulating - your home reflects who you are. So whatever your personal style and tastes, you should be able to find something that resonates with you in every area of your home, right down to the fittings.  Designer radiators are perfect for showing off that sense of style, and can transform your radiator from bland but obligatory appliance to statement piece of furniture in no time. Whether you’re after a playful coloured radiator or a striking, innovative design to mix things up, you can weave your personality into your heating system effortlessly with a designer radiator.    A woman in a red dress standing next to a red radiator  

Power and style: Designer radiators do it all

Hands down, the most important aspect of your heating system is functionality. Regardless of how pretty it looks, your radiators need to have the heating power to match. And designer radiators really can do it all. Being the most recently designed radiators, they benefit from having the best in heating technology, meaning you don’t have to compromise on style and power.  Our designer radiators boast impressive heat outputs to heat even the largest of rooms, and being manufactured from only the highest quality, durable materials means you can rely on these radiators to keep your home warm for years to come. 

Ready to try a designer radiator?

Now you know why you should give designer radiators a try, it’s time to see your options in all their glory. 

Designer radiators for your home

As we’ve already mentioned, designer radiators are a great fit in any area of your home. If you’re after white designer radiators then the Typhoon White horizontal rad may be just what you’re looking for, perfect for fitting underneath windows and giving your room a classic look.   white horizontal radiator on a grey wall   And for those of you who prefer more of a modern statement, then the Omeara radiator range in a striking black hue is the perfect statement for kitchens and living rooms alike.    

Designer bathroom radiators

And your bathrooms don’t have to lose out - there are designer towel rails and radiators to provide versatile heating in a jiffy.  For a super modern and on-trend style, look no further than designer bathroom radiators. This Agar Towel rail gives powerful heating in an oh-so stylish finish perfect for a bathroom.   black towel rail on a light grey wall  

What you can expect from your designer radiator

To summarise, let’s go back over what you can expect from buying a designer radiator from us…
  • High-quality, well manufactured designs 
  • Available in energy-efficient materials 
  • Powerful heating
  • A guarantee on every designer radiator
  • Super fast delivery and unbeatable service
Designer radiators really are a win-win purchase for your home. They’ll blend in seamlessly with your home decor and deliver reliable, long-lasting performance to keep your family warm all year round. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping for your ideal designer radiator now, and if you’re struggling to decide, head over to our guide to choosing the perfect designer radiator on our blog.

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