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A modern bathroom featuring the mustard-yellow ‘Hex’ radiator from UK Radiators, which is made up of hexagons to resemble a beehive.

Radiator Design: From Appliance to Modern Art

In the best interior design, every element of a space comes together to create a comfortable and stylish living space. Radiators have often been ignored, even tucked away or minimised. 

Now though, an acceleration in heating design is putting your most essential appliance at the forefront of your room’s layout.

In this blog post, we'll highlight radiator styles that enable functionality and aesthetics to coexist. From sleek minimalist designs to ornate and vintage-inspired pieces, these radiators wouldn’t be out of place in a gallery or design museum!

Minimalist Radiators

Simplicity is a powerful statement. As minimalist fine art grows in popularity, minimalist radiators are having their moment. A ladder-style towel rail or matt flat-panel radiator can bring an extra touch of modernity to any contemporary space.

A wall-mounted radiator like the Stand towel rail will serve as a focal point in your bathroom. Embrace the minimalism of the open frame design and transform your bathroom!

The Stand black towel rail resembles a minimalist ladder. It is shown mounted to a wood-panelled bathroom wall with a hand towel over one rung.

Industrial Chic Radiators

Achieve a timeless, rustic aesthetic with a column radiator. These rads exude a sense of strength and purpose, making them perfect for loft-style flats and industrial-themed spaces. 

Go for a raw metal column radiator to max out your industrial chic look. Whether mounted to an exposed brick wall or standing on a distressed hardwood floor, the natural finish will ensure a cohesive appearance. 

A raw metal radiator can also bring an industrial edge to a room with a more finished appearance. We love the modern look UK Radiators customer Rob has achieved with this vertical model. 

A slim vertical column radiator in a natural metal finish is pictured in a customer’s kitchen against a soft pearl grey wall.

Photo Credit: Rob Mason


Vintage Radiators

A vintage-inspired radiator can transform a room’s appearance and even draw compliments from your guests. When installed in a room with period-appropriate decor, traditional radiators can evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless beauty.

Our Arundel models offer a steel frame with a classic column radiator at their centre. Add on some Derry Traditional valves to fulfil your antique-style vision.

A classical bathroom with soft green walls, featuring a freestanding bathtub and a vintage-style radiator with a steel frame.


Colourful Radiators

Neutral colour palettes are no longer the default when it comes to radiators. Many modern radiator designers have embraced colour as a way to make a bold artistic statement. We have models in a wide range of bold and vibrant hues. 

Inject personality and vibrancy into your home with vertical radiators in colours that complement your room's decor. Deep blues, rich reds, or even pastel shades can turn up the heat in any home. Just take a look at the Angus azure blue single-panel radiator in this monochromatic kitchen space. 

Customised Radiators

To create something entirely unique, there’s always the option of customising your radiator. Painting a radiator isn’t as easy as it looks (especially a used model), but with careful work, you can get brilliant results. 

You’ll find lots of fun radiator paint ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. We love this column radiator, spotted by @grtarchitects in Milan, which has been cleverly painted with a marble design to match the wall behind. 

A small vertical column radiator which has been cleverly painted with a marble design to match the wall behind.

Photo Credit:  @grtarchitects


You can also personalise a radiator’s appearance with well-chosen accessories. Take a look at our pipe covers, wall stays, and column feet, all available in an array of colours and finishes, from gleaming copper to matt anthracite.

Choosing a Radiator to Feature as Artwork

From minimalist towel rails to vintage-inspired radiators and colourful electric heaters, there’s something for everyone. Radiators have evolved into artworks in their own right. Why not let yours be the star of the show? 

Whether you’re looking for a radiator that complements your existing decor or one that adds a bold statement, you’ll find a stunning model on the UK Radiators site.

Looking for more interior design inspiration? Check out our Design and Inspiration page and subscribe to our newsletter for more ideas.

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