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The Ultimate Guide to Vertical and Horizontal Radiators

The Ultimate Guide to Vertical and Horizontal Radiators

When it comes to choosing the perfect radiator for your home, there are a lot of things to consider. These include size and heating output, as well as your own personal style. One of the biggest design choices you’ll need to make when shopping is the orientation of your radiator. Traditionally, horizontal radiators are the norm in many homes, but the vertical radiator is a new and exciting design perfect for the modern home too. So if you’re stuck between the two, then let us help you out with everything you need to know about vertical and horizontal radiators.  

Vertical vs horizontal radiators: What’s the difference?

We’ll be honest with you. When it comes to the shape of your radiator, there’s no benefits of one over the other in terms of heating quality. Whichever you choose from UK Radiators, providing that you’ve gone for the right size and heating output for your space, will heat your room just as well as the other.  This is because each and every vertical radiator from us at UK Radiators is built with a flow diverter, which makes the hot water in the radiator flow up against gravity to reach the top of the radiator, before flowing back down to leave the radiator via the valve connection, ensuring that every part of the radiator gets warm and provides the heat needed for your room. The only real difference comes down to preference and the specific requirements of your home. Each space is completely unique, with a whole load of different fittings, rooms sizes and shapes. This is where vertical and horizontal radiators shine because you can choose either one based on what’s best for your space and style.  And to help you find that perfect fit, our collection of vertical and horizontal radiators features a wide range of sizes, colours, designs and finishes - see for yourself here

Why choose horizontal radiators?

Horizontal radiators are the classic orientation for a radiator, with a huge number of homes sporting this style of radiator already. This style of rad fits well with existing furniture, be it window sills or underneath TVs, and are perfect as a discreet heating solution. 

They fit perfectly under window sills 

This classic radiator style is able to slot into most homes, sitting perfectly underneath window sills. The under the window sill location is, in fact, a heating sweet spot, as the natural draught from your windows aid the heating process and encourage the airflow around your room. So if you want to create the optimum heating environment, then horizontal radiators placed underneath window sills is the way to go.   

They’re great if you’re looking for a discreet heating solution

Horizontal radiators often will sit a lower level on your wall, so if you aren’t a fan of the big statement rad, then horizontal radiators are just what you need. Available in classic white, sleek black or a cool anthracite, our collection of horizontal radiators covers all bases.

They’re more likely to fit in your home already

Many homes already have horizontal radiators in them, so if you’re looking for a replacement rad for your home, then horizontal radiators will be the most efficient choice in getting a new radiator in as soon as possible. 

Why choose a vertical radiator?

Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on vertical radiators. They’re a modern and truly versatile choice, able to work with a wide range of spaces and heating requirements. A vertical radiator makes for a great fit for homes undergoing renovations, as you can inject a bit of contemporary flair into a room just by changing the orientation of your radiator. 

They’re perfect for smaller spaces

If you’re tight for wall space in your room, then a vertical radiator makes the perfect space saving choice. Whether you’ve got large pieces of furniture covering most of your walls or simply a tight space, a vertical radiator can slot into narrow wall spaces and keep your toes toasty. 

They look great too

Another perk of opting for a vertical radiator is that they look fantastic in any room, thanks to their ultra sleek and modern design. And ours come in a range of different finishes and colours. So whether you’re after on-trend anthracite or white vertical radiators, we’ve got all that and more at UK Radiators.

Make a statement with a vertical radiator 

Whilst a vertical radiator can be a great space saver, opting for a larger one allows you to really make a statement with your heating system. Thanks to some major design upgrades over the years, radiators are no longer dated and obligatory appliances. In fact, they can now act as a seamless aspect of your wider home decor style. So if you have a large wall space in a dining room or hallway, a vertical radiator in a striking design or hue could be just what you need to really make a statement. 

Our favourite vertical and horizontal radiators

It wouldn’t be the ultimate guide to vertical and horizontal radiators if we didn’t include a few suggestions for your next rad, would it? Below you’ll find some great fits for all kinds of rooms from our collection here at UK Radiators, with quality and heating output that you can trust. 

For a vertical radiator…

Our Alpha raw metal vertical column radiator is the perfect piece for making a statement in your home, in an industrial steel finish. It fits so perfectly in our customer Harry’s living room that he got two! large grey carpeted living room with two large steel radiators on either side of the large window If white vertical radiators are more your jam, then the Omeara white vertical radiator is the radiator of your dreams - available in a range of sizes and heat outputs too.

Our picks for horizontal radiators…

For a sleek horizontal radiator that slots into that sweet spot under the window sill, try the Sherwood rounded top horizontal rad, like Stephen did for a discreet but stylish finish.  black horizontal radiator on a dark green wall. For a modern take on a classic rad, try the Typhoon white horizontal rad that features a flat panel finish to complement your existing home decor style. If you need any help deciding which style, size or heat output you need out of your rad, then get in touch with us at UK Radiators HQ, or check out our Instagram page for some serious radiator inspo from other customers. 

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