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Is It Cheaper to Leave Heating On Low All Day?

Is It Cheaper to Leave Heating On Low All Day?

The question 'is it cheaper to leave heating on low all day?' often resurfaces when the winter months draw in and the chill nips at our heels. Heating our homes through the winter makes for a costly time when you need it the least. 

If you have concerns about your energy costs and bills, at UK Radiators we're here to help you understand the best way to heat a house. 

We appreciate the importance of keeping your home warm while also being mindful of energy costs, as leaving your heating on all day could come with financial consequences. 

So in this blog, we'll cover the following:

  • is it cheaper to leave the heating on
  • How beneficial is it to heat your home only when needed?
  • Our Verdict

Understanding Energy Efficiency

The quest for an energy-efficient heating solution is a common concern for homeowners, particularly those looking to manage their energy bills effectively. 

It’s a common belief that leaving your heating on a low setting throughout the day helps maintain a consistent temperature, reducing the effort required to heat up a cold home. However, the reality is more nuanced.

Modern heating systems are designed to warm up a space quickly when needed. Therefore, leaving your heating on low all day may not necessarily be the most energy-efficient approach - while the central heating radiators are on low, they could be struggling against a poorly insulated home, leading to unnecessary energy consumption and increased bills as your home loses heat throughout the day.

Using the Right Size Radiator

For an optimised heating installation, the heat output of the radiator should be higher than the room's heat loss to ensure the room can reach the ideal temperature in a good time.

Too large, and the room can become sweltering very quickly. You might find yourself rushing to turn the heating off as the temperatures become unpleasant.

Too small and its efficiency will be lower, as a smaller heated surface area struggles to warm a room through. You might still be feeling a chill an hour or so after putting the central heating on.

At UK Radiators we make use of a handy BTU Calculator called a Radsizer which you can use to get a good idea as to the size your radiator and output needs to be to be suitable for your room.

How Insulated Is Your Home

The efficiency of your heating strategy is closely linked to your home's insulation. 

Poorly insulated homes allow heat to escape more rapidly, making it challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your home has subpar insulation, you might be tempted to compensate by keeping the heating on constantly.

Consider implementing simple insulation measures, such as sealing drafts, windows and doors. This will not only make your home more comfortable but also contribute to energy savings.

Even smaller changes might help your radiators perform better.

Where Heat Loss Can Occur

In our blog How to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home, we refer to the four main ways in which a home can lose its heat, causing your central heating to be less efficient:

  • Windows and Doors
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Floor

Is It Better To Leave Heating On All The Time?

Leaving your heating on low all day is a common misconception rooted in the idea that it's more energy-efficient than turning the heating on and off. 

However, constantly keeping the heating on low can lead to wasted energy, as the system works harder than necessary to maintain a baseline temperature while depending on the insulation of your home, you may be losing heat throughout the day too.

A programmable thermostat can regulate your home's temperature more efficiently. This allows you to set specific temperatures for different times of the day, ensuring comfort when needed and saving energy when not.

Does It Cost More To Keep Turning Heat On And Off

Contrary to the belief that constant heating is more efficient, on-demand heating has its merits. Turning the heating on when needed and off when not in use can result in significant energy savings. 

This approach aligns with the natural rhythm of your daily activities, ensuring warmth when you're at home while avoiding unnecessary energy consumption when you're away.

Moreover, this method is particularly effective when combined with modern radiator solutions like the ones we offer at UK Radiators. 

Upgrading to high-quality heating solutions like our column radiators can enhance your heating system's performance with impressive heat output - without compromising on style. 

This is due to their robust design and steel materials, providing better heat distribution and faster warm-up times. This means warmth radiates through your room in a shorter time, making heating when it's needed a more enticing, money-saving option.

Investing in Radiator Efficiency

If you find that your current radiators are struggling to meet your heating needs or find yourself asking ‘should I keep my heating on all the time’ because your home never seems to warm through, it might be time to consider an upgrade at UK Radiators.

Modern electric radiators offered by UK Radiators come equipped with advanced features that operate at 100% efficiency as every single watt of electricity is converted into heat.

Programmable thermostats, smart heating controls, and improved heat distribution ensure that you get the most out of your heating system. Investing in high-quality radiators not only enhances your comfort but also contributes to long-term energy savings.

Additionally, at UK radiators we offer dual-fuel radiators which offer adaptable heating, able to warm a bathroom throughout winter and with a towel-drying functionality during the warmer months. Smarter approaches to heating solutions like this all add up to provide a bigger benefit to your savings in the long run.

Is It Cheaper To Leave Heating On Low All Day - Our Verdict

In the ongoing debate of whether to leave your heating on low all day or to adopt an on-demand approach, it's crucial to consider the unique dynamics of your home and lifestyle. 

Due to the way a house can lose heat steadily over the course of the day and undermine day-long, low-level heating attempts while costing you more, putting the heating on to a desired temperature when necessary warms a house through faster and more effectively as long as the radiators are appropriate for the room, can generate more heat than the room loses, and the home has good insulation to retain this heat and maximise your efficiency.

So to answer the question is it better to have heating on low all the time - on-demand heating lends itself to being the best way to heat a house

Looking To Upgrade Your Heating System?

At UK Radiators, we understand the importance of finding the right balance between comfort and efficiency. If you're asking yourself is it cheaper to leave heating on low, as your home never seems to heat through how you’d want - perhaps you’re contemplating an upgrade to your heating system. 

Our range of modern radiators is designed to meet your needs. 

For instance, you can always look to upgrade your heating controls to smart heating controls to fine-tune your radiator system: Smart Radiator Control replaces traditional wax elements with an electrical device, remotely managed by a wireless thermostat for precise temperature control. A single thermostat efficiently handles multiple radiators in the same room or zone, optimising energy efficiency.

Start your journey towards cosier, more cost-effective living today with heating solutions from UK Radiators. 

Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can transform your home's heating efficiency and keep you warm throughout the winter months. Give us a call on 0333 006 8227 or send your enquiry to sales@ukradiators.com.

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