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Grey Designer Radiators

Perfect for those who want something lighter than anthracite but more unique than white, grey radiators make the perfect stylish addition to your home heating system. Unique, practical, and available in a variety of sizes, these grey radiators are perfect for installing in any space as an addition to your decor.

Things to consider when choosing grey designer radiators

Our range of grey radiators are available in steel which is a reliable and durable metal that boasts excellent efficiency and heat output. However, if that’s not quite right for you, we have a range of other designer radiators available in other materials as well, all with their own benefits. Choose from finishes like sleek metallic or smooth silk depending on what your decor choices are and you can opt for fin tubes, flat tubes, and square tube styles depending on your personal preferences.

Next, consider the space you’ll be installing your radiators. Low and wide spaces will require a horizontal radiator while vertical radiators will fit nicely into tall and thin locations. Take your measurements to make sure you find the perfectly sized radiator for your needs. Single panels can have a smaller projection from the wall so are ideal for compact spaces and narrow hallways.

If we don’t carry the size you’re looking for, why not check out our other ranges of designer radiators instead? We have a huge range of white designer radiators, black designer radiators, and anthracite designer radiators available in many different finishes and sizes - perfect for any space and home!

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