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Single Panel Radiators

For the perfect finishing touch to your minimalistic home decor, install a set of single panel radiators. These sleek and modern radiators are perfect for small rooms or tight spaces as they have a much smaller footprint than their traditional cousins such as column radiators or double panel radiators. Although they’re slim, these radiators don’t compromise on heat output. Available in tonnes of colours such as clean white, edgy black, and modern anthracite, you can pick up single panel radiators in vertical or horizontal designs - ideal for fitting into any space no matter how awkward.

What are single panel radiators?

Single panel radiators are radiators which use just one panel to heat a room instead of relying on columns or fins. It was once thought that, unlike double panel or column radiators, single panel radiators didn’t give out quite as much heat due to having a reduced surface area. However, with steel and aluminium metal options becoming available, it’s now possible for a small single panel radiator to heat up larger rooms effectively. Either way, single panel radiators are still an efficient and affordable heating solution for your home.

Our single panel radiators are the perfect, stylish additions to any awkward or tight space as they are available in vertical or horizontal designs for saving as much space as possible. The sleek, modern designs match a minimalistic style perfectly and with colours and finishes ranging from classic white, statement copper, or bespeckled salt and pepper, you can find the perfect radiators that will last you for years.

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