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Anthracite Electric Radiators

Anthracite electric radiators are the ideal heating solution for those who like to have independent control over their heating. Electric radiators operate separately from the rest of your home’s heating system so are ideal for rooms that haven’t been hooked up to the central heating system such as new extensions, bathrooms, or garages.

How to choose anthracite electric radiators

Available in a variety of different materials such as steel and even glass, these sleek, modern radiators are a great addition to any home and can even act as an eye-catching centrepiece for lounges and entryways. The dark grey colour of anthracite is a really stylish colour that won’t show dirt or dust and will suit almost any kind of decor theme you have in your home.

Install your anthracite electric radiator in an area that needs a little bit of extra help to keep warm. The radiator models are fitted with smart phone controlled thermostats making it easy to set up and adjust your weekly programme, the smart phone apps allow you to control the internal temperature of the radiator or the ambient room temperature - providing ultimate comfort without wasting heat. The elements come equipped with frost protection (antifreeze) modes to prevent the liquid inside the radiator from freezing on those cold days - ideal when installed in garages and conservatories.

Here at UK Radiators, we have all of the expertise you could need to pick up the best electric heating solution for you. For even more choice of colours and materials, check out our full range of electric radiators and browse through our black electric radiators range to help keep your home toasty.

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