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Electric Radiators

Here at UK Radiators, we offer only the best electric radiators with our stylish, modern, and great value designs. When it comes to home heating, we know how important those finishing touches are. Electric radiators and towel radiators are extremely versatile and would make a great addition to your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or home office.

You control your heating

With an electric radiator, you can enjoy full control over your heating, and use your heater without having to turn on the entire central heating system. If you opt for an electric radiator in your bathroom, it means that you can have all-year round heat, from summer showers to cosy winter baths.

Style and efficiency, all in one

Don’t compromise style or efficiency with our range of vertical electric radiators, boasting impressive heat output and countless style options. Whatever your heating needs, there’s an electric vertical radiator for you. We offer a number of design, colour, size and style options that can suit any space. Whether you’re after a sleek black electric radiator to complement your decor or more of a statement piece, you can find a vertical electric radiator to fit in effortlessly with your home.

Perfect for any space

For those with limited wall space, a vertical electric radiator is a perfect fit for a space-saving yet powerful heating solution. Whether it’s fitting a vertical radiator in a tight space or covering the whole length of your wall, the possibilities are endless. Our electric vertical towel radiators come in a variety of sizes and styles, so no matter your space, you’ll be able to find the right electric vertical radiator for your home.

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