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Dual Fuel Towel Rail Kits

If you are looking to make your towel rail dual fuel, a dual fuel kit is what you need. Using a heating element allows you to choose when your towel rail heats up independently from the rest of your central heating system.

We have a range of sizes so that you can find the perfect wattage for your new towel rail. You also have the choice of either a standard element or thermostatic element. A standard element gives you the choice of when you want your towel rail to heat up with a simple off/on switch. However, the thermostatic element provides complete control of your heat. With the option to raise or lower the temperate in 7.5°C increments, you will have a perfectly warmed bathroom every time.

These kits also come with 2 x Chrome T-Piece and Polished Angled Valves

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