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Smart Heating Controls

Today’s technology has allowed us to develop a range of different heating controls to aid our home heating systems. This has made heating your home easier than ever before, with smart heating controls at your fingertips.

At UK Radiators, we supply a range of smart heating controls to help you maintain and operate your radiators. With smart heating controls such as the Salus Smart Home collection, you can use Salus controls with your compatible radiators to keep your home nice and cosy, the way you like it. From whole smart heating systems, right down to the accessories, we’ve got you covered.

How does smart heating work?

Smart heating uses boiler controllers and smart thermostats to alter the temperature of your home, even allowing you to change the temperature in different zones of your house, depending on your heating system. This gives you true versatility with your heating, and allows you to only heat up areas that are in use, or that you want to remain toasty. 

The great thing about smart heating controls is that you can maximise your heating system’s efficiency whilst also saving money and energy. So goodbye to wasting extra energy because you’ve forgotten to turn down the thermostat. Now you can keep on top of things with the touch of a button. With many of our digital thermostats able to be programmed for up to 7 days, you can coordinate your heating so that you never arrive to a cold arrival, or wake up to frozen toes.

And you can maintain your heating system from anywhere, with WIFI-enabled heating systems and the option with many products to control your heating from a handy mobile app. So, no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to keep your home warm.

Smart heating controls

Our selection offers both wired and wireless varieties, from the Honeywell wireless thermostat to the Salus it500 smart internet thermostat, you’ll find only the best in smart heating. Our products boast the latest in heating technology, with the Salus iT500 Alexa even compatible with your smart home too. 

We also stock brands like Honeywell and Neomitis, so you’re sure to find heating controls that are perfect for your hot water and central heating system.

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