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Cloakroom Radiators

Cloakrooms are often small and selecting the right radiator to fit into these tight spaces can be difficult.

When finding your cloakroom radiator, you may look for something with the ability to effectively heat up a small room and the added bonus of drying damp laundry.

At UK Radiators, we’re able to provide you with our outstanding range of multifunctional and aesthetical radiators that will stand the test of time. From a variety of colours to styles, we have plenty of ideal cloakroom radiators to meet your needs.

Finding Your Perfect Cloakroom Radiator

Before choosing a cloakroom radiator, it is worth asking yourself what requirements it will need to meet. Some things you’ll want to consider are colours, sizes, and design style.

To help you find a radiator that matches your needs, you can use our reliable BTU calculator to select a suitable model for your heat output requirements.

Best Types of Cloakroom Radiators

We also stock a stunning range of Terma Radiators which take up very little room thanks to their tall and narrow shape. With bars equally spaced all the way down, they’re perfect for hanging towels whilst keeping you warm in style!

Not only are they multifunctional, but they also add a stylish statement to your cloakroom with their super matt and textured finish - giving your room a modern touch.

For even smaller cloakrooms, keep warm and cosy with our Zennor Towel Rail Radiators.

There’s no wonder why straight ladder towel rails have proven to be a popular choice over the years. They’re a chic addition to compact bathrooms and come in various colours. From a classic and reflective chrome colour to a striking and contemporary black colour radiator - there are plenty of colours to suit your decor style!

We even provide an array of small-sized modern and traditional Central Heating Radiators that start at 300 mm x 400 mm. These include Vertical Convector Radiators and Type 11 and 22 which offer exceptional heat output and high performance.

Shop Our Beautiful Selection of Designer Radiators

UK radiators have plenty of designs and finishes you’ll love if you're looking for a cloakroom radiator.

Take a look at our fantastic range of radiators and competitive prices.

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