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Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate Starring UK Radiators

Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate Starring UK Radiators

We’re big fans of home renovations, and love seeing our rads and accessories help to complete our customers’ homes and breathe new life into your spaces. She took Mel and Marc’s claustrophobic space and opened it up in a beautiful way. And Sarah’s innovative ideas are the perfect example of how a renovation can make your home feel new for a fraction of the budget!

Art Deco meets Industrial Style

Mel and Marc love elements of an industrial style, but with the risk of things becoming too cold, they needed to choose some colour and warmth too. While the harsh, industrial look is stylish and modern, you want your house to be a home. So Sarah recommends always mixing industrial styles with other themes to bring in warmth and life into your space. Mel and Marc did this by opting for industrial elements such as raw brick wallpaper and our industrial-style rad, and mixing them with bright colours and patterns of the Art-Deco era.

Want that same Art-Deco-meets-Industrial feel in your home?

If you’re after a bit of the same flavour as Mel and Marc in your home, then you’re in the right place. Not only can you find the starring radiator, the Spilsby Vertical Radiator from our very own UK Radiators collection on our site, but we’ve taken the liberty of giving you some other suggestions to help create that Art-Deco meets Industrial vibe.

Spilsby Vertical Radiator

Of course, as the starring rad, we had to give you the low down on this stunning piece of homeware. This large vertical radiator is perfect for making a real statement on a large wall. The raw edges and industrial finish give you an edge while the oh-so-on-trend anthracite colour option just oozes style.

Ribbon Copper Vertical Radiator

Similar to the anthracite number that Mel and Marc opted for, this is another great statement piece in a warmer, eye-catching shade. Again, it provides a raw finish that is perfect as an industrial touch in your space to toughen things up a little.

Terma Hex Radiator

For those looking for the art-deco side of things in your next rad, then this Terma Hex Radiator is the perfect fit. Featuring a fantastic geometric pattern and a super-stylish matte black finish, it makes for a great addition to your home. You can add some excitement to your walls that give you style and functionality - who could ask for more?

Angus Azure Blue Radiator

Colour is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to interior design. Add a splash of colour to your walls with the Angus Radiator in a stunning blue hue to make all your Art-Deco dreams come true. The sleek gloss finish of this product would match perfectly with an Art-Deco theme and provide a fabulous contrast to any industrial elements in your space.

You can catch the rest of the series on HGTV, or on-demand for the episodes you’ve missed!

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